Monday 1 October 2007

Autumn glow

Season's are changing in my garden with all the lovely rich colours being lit up by the treasured Autumn sun.

My fuchsia's are full of flowers and I wanted to share with you a nice way to display some of the flowers so you can really enjoy them. When they are hanging down you do not appreciate how beautiful they are inside. So snip them off and float them in a shallow bowl of water, they last quite a few days this way and look even prettier if you have a few floating candles amongst them.

Makes a pretty centre piece for your dining table. Let me know if you try this or have other ways you like to bring your garden into your home. Catherine x


weechuff said...

What a lovely idea, and what lovely photos.

Sandie (UK)

Jule said...

What a great idea, have to try this this year!