Saturday 10 November 2007

Everyone can join in now!

Having joined Blogger recently I had not realised that I could change the settings so that everyone could leave posts DOH!! Well, thanks to Eydie of pointing it out I have now changed it and now you do not have to be a member of blogger to be able to leave a post. It's been fun looking at my blogs statistics recently, with visitors from all over the world including Japan, China, Russia, Portugal, Norway, USA, South Africa..... and the list goes on :) Isn't the internet the coolest place. So do feel free to leave posts, it's such fun to hear from you all.

It's a cold wet and windy windy weekend over here in Belgium, there has even been snow down in the South - yep winter has arrived!

Thinking about visiting that part of Belgium next week for a break so will be sure to add photos.

Enjoy your weekend, Catherine x

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