Friday 11 January 2008

Extreme Makeover -Teddy Edition!

When I was visiting a friend in England she showed me this poor little Ted that her new Puppy, Willow, had found and thought would make a great toy!! Little Ted was destined for the bin being filthy and torn to pieces. Well of course I couldn't let that happen and my friend knew that I would be able to help so the rescue mission began! I brought him back with me to Belgium, gave him a nice long hand wash and he came out a different colour without all that mud all over him! I then set about bite hole by bite hole repairing him, restuffing him him with nice fresh filling and finally giving him a new nose and putting a smile back on his face! With a grand new bow he feels like his old self and is ready to face the world again, this time on a shelf where Puppy can't reach him!


Tracy said...

WOW--that is a great make over! A brand new sweet. And so is that pooch! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Laura Lynn said...

Catherine you did a fantastic makeover job!!

weechuff said...

What a lovely repair job! I love to see the old poorly bears brought back to life!