Sunday 17 February 2008

Meet Huckleberry

Hi everyone, my fiance is recovering well after his accident, just a fair bit of pain from the broken ribs. I've just finished this lovely new bear called Huckleberry. I have been working hard on a new older bear shaped design and I just adore his heirloom style mohair - really tricky colour to photograph though, he is a lovely greyish brown colour, very unusual. He has a lifetime of adventures that he loves to talk about, so you and your family could have many happy evenings all snuggled up together listening to his tales!

He is available for adoption from my website -

We had a buzzard in our garden this week, so I'll share a photo or two next week!
In the meantime enjoy your Sunday. Happy Beary Hugs, Catherine and Huckleberry xx


Tracy said...

So glad your honey is doing better and on the mend, and that you had a good weekend. A buzzard?! I've not seen one of those in a long time...and that's ok, they are not the prettiest of birds--LOL! Your Huckleberry is wonderful! So sweet, and love the name. He does have a very old-fashioned, heirloom quality--I like that. Happy new week to you, my friend ((HUGS))

Archie and Melissa said...

Hi Catherine!
I LOVE your bears! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi. I am so glad I found your work. It is amazing!

Bumpkin Hill said...

Hi Melissa, I was happy to find your blog too - thanks for your sweetness about my bears :) Hugs, Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that your fiancee continues to heal. Yay! Huckleberry looks so handsome.. I love his name.


Japhes Bears said...

Hi Catherine.
I am glad your Fiance is recovering well.

I Just love Huckleberry he is sooo cute but then so are all your creations:o) Have a wonderful week.

vivian said...

Your new bear is wonderful! Hope your fiance quickly heals!
thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours and will be back again soon!