Sunday 23 November 2008

Let the Party begin with a giveaway!

wow, after a long time of dreaming, planning and work my bears and I are thrilled to announce the launch of our Bumpkin Bears illustrations. These drawings bring alive the adventures of a very special group of Bears living in a village deep in the valley.

You can see the first prints in my Etsy store, including some wonderful festive images. Clickhere to see them. To celebrate this Grand Opening (the bear's are getting excited about this!) I am offering Free worldwide postage on all my prints (mounted and unmounted) from today Sunday 23rd until Sunday Nov 30th.

These illustrations are printed on the most beautiful archival artist paper and can either come with or without a mount. You can see the different sections in my Etsy store. If you have any questions just drop me a line. Here is a glimpse of them -

When I grow up.. I want to be a Train Driver (part of the "When I grow up..." series.

Snow Circus

Wish upon a Star

The Best Tree for Christmas

Just as I started to add my first print to my Etsy store it started to snow, what better sight than a sparkly white landscape to get into the festive spirit!

As a thank you to you all for your support and encouragement over the months the bears and I are giving away a Mounted Print "The Best Tree for Christmas" (see image below). To enter just leave me a beary festive comment and I will randomly pick a winner next Sunday 30th 10am GMT.

I have many many more stories in my imagination that I will be bringing to life with pencil (and of course still through my mohair bears) in the future. I hope you will enjoy following along this journey together with my bears. Over the next few days a new Artist bear will be revealing his face here and at my website.

In the meantime have yourself a beary happy day! Hugs, Catherine and the bears xx


Folksie Linda said...

Hi Catherine, You are amazingly talented.. and I love your new venture...especially Wish upon a star.. but they are all so cute!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Catherine, your artwork is wonderful - impossible to choose a favourite!
Your bear looks so proud of his tree....I think I can hear him singing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"!
Can't wait to see what they get up to next!
Big hugs and hurrahs from Lynda & the FC

Anonymous said...

Yea for you. I love your b&w drawings,I love the simplicity of them.
Now if you could get the fame of Paddington Bear
Itis times like this we need our bears and their stories to comfort us.

Grandma - Bear said...

Help trying to log in as glograbear

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful imaginary land you live in. Thankyou for giving us a chance to experience it with you.
Ta muchly for sharing.

Grandma - Bear said...

I'm anonymous,Google wouldn't take at 1st or the name/Url

Grandma - Bear said...

I'm going to have to watch your site(when the computor is down to see your latest edtions

Ruth said...

Hi Catherine ,
I absolutely love the new art works - I'm sure they'll be a resounding success ; they're so sweet and innocent with just a touch of nostalgia :0) Hope it is a sparkling Christmas for you and the bears !!

Mini Hugs , Ruth

Tammy said...

Catherine you drawings are beautiful.
I expect they will be very popular !
The bears have such wonderful character and looks so playful and gentle.

Tracy said...

HOORAY, Catherine! This is so wonderful to see! I know how long you've been wanting this. :o) So glad this dream has come to fruition. The illustrations are just beautiful, and such fun. I love the nogstalic, old-fashioned quality. You have a great flair for use of space, and most of all telling a story! Wishing you much success and fun with this new venture! And what a lovely giveaway!! Do count me in! ;o) Happy week, my friend. Talk to you soon. ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

Are you serious Catherine???? These are simply amazing - I'm totally blown away - they are GORGEOUS. I also spied that you won a whole heaps of goodies on Belle and Boo - I'm quite jealous as I'm in love with little Boo as you can imagine! So I'm sending you lots of Beary Festive Cheer ... and all us bunnies have our fingers and toes crossed ...... Seriously - your drawings are just divine xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, your artwork is just so special. I love the simplicity and innocense of them. I wish you much success in this new venture but I imagine this little drawings will become very popular.

Samantha said...

Thanks for inviting me to your little celebration!!! I love your beautiful illustrations - they are perfect for getting in the festive mood!! :)
Hugs, Samantha xx

Bethany said...

I love your illustrations!!! You have such a great style to your work... it's rare to see someone who draws so well and also creates toys too! I'm glad I found you!

Jigpaws said...

Ooooooh Catherine......I LOVE your're sooo talented :o)
I'm sure they're going to fly out your etsy door.....well done :o)


Brenda said...

Your illustrations are gorgeous. I love pencil drawings and these are enchanting. Good luck with your new venture and please put me down for your draw.



~Country Bears~ said...

Oh Catherine, I'm just loving your pictures, can't pick a favourite!! You're so lovely and clever!! Every best wish for these!! xxClarexx

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine
What lovely drawings and you are certainly one very talented lady! It must give you so much pleasure and enjoyment to do them. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
Have a nice day. Hugs Lyn

Certain Creatures said...

Hi Catherine!
Thank you so much for the comment! I've been browsing around your blog.. your bears have some of the most unique expressions! they are so cute!
And also these illustrations are adorable - what talent!
I'll come back here to visit you..

Diane Duda said...

Well, they are just the cutest things!
I think Wish Upon a Star is my favorite, but they are all very sweet.
I'm off to check out your shop.
Best of luck!


Monica said...

Hi Catherine! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
As an artist and a painter, I appreciate very much your work- brilliant!
Warmest wishes,

Sarah said...

Well done Catherine! They are adorable! I'm sure they are going to do really well.

Party hugs, Sarah x

Bow'tai'ed said...

Oh my gosh Catherine, you are so talented!! I LOVE your prints, they are perfectly adorable. I also see that a larger version of Wo Li Boo is on his way to Japan, is that his cousin? LOL
Congrats on all your amazing successes!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Oh Catherine! The illustrations are magic! Each one is absolutely charming and lovely. Congratulations on launching your new creations! Warmly, Cathy in New York ^..^

TracyC said...

When I saw the thumbnails for the pictures on flickr I immediately stopped to take a look. Lovely!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Fabulous illustrations and gorgeous bears ... definitely 'the bear necessities of life'!!

Good luck - I'm sure they'll all go incredibly well.

Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Catherine,

I love your drawings ~ so cute.
Wishing you all the very best with your new venture.


Lisa said...

Catherine, the illustrations are beautiful!! How wonderful that you can enjoy such talent! I look forward to watching your bear tales grow....Hugs, Lisa

Lisa said...

Catherine, the illustrations are beautiful!! How wonderful that you can enjoy such talent! I look forward to watching your bear tales grow....Hugs, Lisa

Vicki said...

Catherine your illustrations are simply adorable. I am sure they are going to be a huge hit

Vicki xx

Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

Dear Catherine.
I just love your drawings with those lovely cute bears. My best wishes for you and I would of course love to take part in your give away.
Greetings from Denmark,

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh WOW!! Oh WOW!!!! Wat a Beary wunderful pikcher!!! Yu ar so clever to be abol to dror Bears so well. Weer not that eezy to dror, arfter all!


Louise Peers said...

Hi Catherine ,
I think your lovely drawings will be a huge hit ,would love to take part in your give away ,
big hugs,
Louise x

Vintage to Victorian said...

I forgot to mention - I go through Motcombe most days on my way to Dairy House.

All Bear by Paula said...

These illustrations are beautiful Catherine! I absolutely love them! WEll DONE YOU and good luck with your plans for them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, Your bears are so lovely, really beautiful. All the best with your Etsy shop, I'm sure it will be a huge success!
Hazel (aka Wee Hen)

Rick said...

Bearrific. Sign me up. I should set up an Esty, but I need to get some prints made. How does one go about finding a good printer?

Anonymous said...

Hello Catherine and all the bears. What a delight to find your beary blog. Catherine, your drawings are very sweet. Bears, you look very handsome. Thank you for the chance to enter your generous giveaway.

xCatherine and all her Maisie dolls!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you came across my blog and left a comment! It gave me the opportunity to visit your blog and see your amazing talents of creating bears and drawing sweet illustrations of them! The giveaway sounds fun...count me in! I'd love to win that adorable print of the Best Tree for Christmas! :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

What lovely drawings! Your giveaway picture is particularly lovely.

this is my patch said...

Catherine, you have exceptional talent, these drawings are fantastic! My beary festive comment is to wish Santa Paws and the Rein Bears a very Happy Christmas! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, Wow! The "gang" and I love your new pictures! They are so cute and nice; you are so talented. I already love your bears and now your pictures too!
All beary best, The gang (

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Catherine, I love your bears! What talent you have!

Tara said...

Outstanding!!! Congrats!!! Love your giveaway too!

Bumpkin Hill said...

THANKS so much everyone for taking part. Bob T Bear was the winner! I'll see you all again soon here in blog land. Beary Hugs, Catherine and the bears x

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW!!!!!! Thankyu so mutch!!! That's brillyont!! Iv desydid alreddy ware on der woll to put it, under a pawtrayte of yors trooly dat Mummy did wen I wos yung.

I'm off for a sellybraytory frolick!

Wa Heyyyy!!!!!