Wednesday 19 November 2008

Off to Japan they go..

I have been busy creating an order for a company that sell artist bears in the top department stores across Japan, they are the equivalent of Harrods in London, one of the stores is called Mitsukosi. It is a very exciting adventure for my bears and here are the four friends that are on their way to Japan.


Charlie Boy



I will be carrying on bringing to life my new bear this afternoon, his mohair is a beautiful soft tipped fur, he should be a real cutie. Promise I'll share photos the moment he has had a photoshoot! Hugs, Catherine xx


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Congratulations Catherine! Your bears are lovely!

Pauline said...

Catherine!! That sounds fantastic news, what an opportunity, congratulations.


Tracy said...

Very impressive and fantastic news, Catherine...sooo exciting! Congratulations on a top order--well done, my friend. Such sweet bears here...I bet they will love life in Japan! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Wendster said...

Hello Catherine!

Those are fabulous bears and are truly worthy of a high class store's shelves. No doubt they will be buying up all of your bears in the future. You really do make beautiful bears. I was looking at the bloke sitting on the piano keys and thinking what fine story book bears they would be. They really do look as if they are alive and wanting to have an adventure written about their day. A simple adventure, maybe .. . but maybe not. Imagine if one got onto a bus and where he might go in England ... and imagine all of the American children who would buy the book just to see where the bear went on his adventures.

I really think it would be a smash. I wish I had such an adorable city to tell a tale about.

Of course .. .Los Angeles is a pretty popular place as well. I could probably do something similar with my little butter duck.

I love the children with the knit bear. Great photo. I was wondering if I somehow missed the photo of that tree you won a picture of? I was looking forward to seeing it. Congratulations! What a fun surprise to be drawn as winner when such a wonderful prize is being offered ... especially a prize that speaks to your heart like that.

And you have a new venture going? Something to do with your drawing and your bears, perhaps? I'll bet you are going to sell PRINTS of them now, yes?

Oh ... and that fourth bear down ... what was his name? Goldie? You really must create more bears like him. All of your bears are good, but that guy is just ... you could mass produce that one in my opinion and have them all bought up. Well ... come to think of it I often feel that way about your bears ... but these four are especially good.

OK. I have taken up enough space in the comment section. Just know that I think of you often and wonder what you are doing when I don't have time to swing by on blog visits. I have been quite remiss while we go through the court drama with our house. The judge heard the last of our case yesterday and we are just waiting for his verdict now. Apparently, you don't get to hear the verdict at the court house in our city ... you have to wait till he gets around to deciding and sends you a fax. I'm not too keen on that, I mean to tell you. I hope he hurries up. The waiting is brutal. Did we win? Do we get to keep our house? Or do we have to get out?

And what do I do with myself while I wait and wonder?

drum my fingers.

And wash the dishes ... because I let them sit a bit while we were handling court. Lol!



Grandma - Bear said...

Awesome, that your bears are going to Japan. It looks like you landed a good contract. You have worked hard to get here. You have a great imagination you turn into quality bears.