Sunday 30 November 2008

Winning day and Christmas cards!

Well, it's been such fun having this giveaway over the last week, thank you so much to all of you that took the time to pop by and join in with this new exciting launch of my Bumpkin Bears illustrations. This morning Hamish (looking for a special family) was the most excited and having the smallest paws we decided he would be the best bear to pull a name out of our special bowl! So without any more delay THE WINNER IS - Bob.T. Bear!! Yes a bear won the giveaway, you must pop by his blog to find out about all the adventures he gets up to! Hamish hopes you'll be a very happy bear Bob :)

I've had so many enquiries if I will be creating my prints into Christmas cards that I have been a very busy bee this weekend adding some extra special festive touches to my prints to transform them into sweet cards. I bought some gorgeous rich cream cards with a lovely texture and some berry red envelopes for them. Here is a sneak peek of some before I take photos of the printed cards tomorrow and then they'll roll straight into my Etsy store. If you'd like to be amongst the first to hear of new additions to the Bumpkin Bears world then just send the bears and I an email (see mailing list link on the left).

I'll be back tomorrow with more details of my cards :) Hugs, Catherine and the bears xx


Unknown said...

Congratulations to Bob T. Bear! What a lucky little bear. Your prints are adorable. They make wonderful Christmas cards!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW!!!!!! Thankyu so mutch!!! That's brillyont!! Iv desydid alreddy ware on der woll to put it, under a pawtrayte of yors trooly dat Mummy did wen I wos yung.

I'm off for a sellybraytory frolick!

Wa Heyyyy!!!!!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Congratulations to Bob T. Bear! The cards are looking super Catherine.

Tracy said...

Congrats to Bob. T. Bear! Lucky chap...and what a fun blog he has! :o) So sweet to see Hamish helping you, Catherine. Your cards are lovely...the designs lend themselves so well to greeting cards. So happy for your success, my friend! ((HUGS))

Mrs Mac said...

Thank you so much, catherine! This is so generous of you, and winning has given us all a real boost round here, on a cold and drizzly day!!!

I've put a pic on my blog with a link, and also a link to your Etsy shop.

Bob is quite excited about your cars, btw., and has been counting out his shiny penny collection in readiness.

Mrs Mac said...

emm... CARDS, not cars... LOL!

Bear Naked said...

Popped over here to your blog from Bob T.'s blog.
You have a very delightful blog and I have started *following* you.

Bear((( )))

Dave said...

You are very talented with your teddy bears and drawings. Gosh, I wish I was as skillful as you! - Dave

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Hi there!

I come via Bob T Beae & Helena.
You work is terrific & adore your bears, I'm always rescuing abandoned ones.

Best wishes

Stardust said...

Congrats to Bob, and hello to Catherine! Thank you for dropping by. I think we've interacted before, and that's quite some time ago. Your bears still look just as lovely.

Have a nice day!

Giulia Mauri said...

Beautiful setof cards, love them!
Thank you so much for your kind comment, send lots of bear hugs too


Take Care

The Card Tree

Anonymous said...

Yea! So glad you did it, Catherine -- they're beautiful!!! Good luck with them.:)