Wednesday 24 December 2008

The Day Before Christmas

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The Day Before Christmas

As they were nearly through the forest they could see the lights of the village sparkling through the branches when all of a sudden they were startled by a strange screeching noise. Trying to be brave and bear like on the outside, on the inside they were imagining a giant forest monster stomping towards them to eat them for supper! They all just huddled together behind a tree and closed their eyes.

The noise was getting closer and closer when Lewis suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. He jumped higher than a bear has ever jumped before! Screaming with his eyes so tightly closed he swore he could never open them again! Suddenly through all their noise they heard Papa Bear's voice, Lewis thought he had come to save them. Forcing one eye slightly open he saw Papa Bear and…. NO monster, just the old red wheelbarrow with a fir tree in it. Mama Bear had always complained of the schreeching wheels!

Once the little bear's hearts had stopped pounding and their legs stopped wobbling enough to stand up they were glad to be on their way home. The surprise didn't seem to matter so much anymore although it was a very beautiful tree Papa had chosen just for them to decorate with some of their berries. The rest of the berries will be for Christmas dinner tomorrow!
Back in the warmth of their home they decorated their tree and sat down by the comforting fire. Mama bear told them a story about the night before Christmas and Santa visiting all the good little bears. That night although they were so tired they just had to wait to see Santa out of their bedroom window.

As they all wished upon the brightest star Lewis was sure that he saw a sparkling light fly by. It was way past their bed time and they clambered up into their beds, "it must have been Santa, it just must have been". Lewis said over and over until his eyes closed as he dreamt of this very special day before Christmas.


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Thank you to everyone that has come along to read my story. The bears are now all happily waiting for Christmas to arrive :)
I've just got back from the supermarket, got the last turkey on the shelves! I'm cooking christmas lunch tomorrow, here in Belgium. I've been taking lots of photos of the wild birds in my garden, including my friendly robin, I'll share them with you all in a few days time. Have a wonderfully Beary Merry Christmas, Catherine, my cats and the bears xxx


Heidi said...

Oh Catherine...this was just so sweet a story! Full of believing! I enjoyed it but just melt for your illustrations. They are truly beautiful and precious! Thanks!

Christmas hugs ~

CherryPie said...

Happy Christmas and thanks for the story!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Merry Christmas Catherine and the bears! Lovely story! Hugs, Lynda and FC

Lyn said...

Thank you for that lovely story and a very Happy Christmas to you and yours. Hugs Lyn

Draffin Bears said...

Your story is wonderful Catherine and the illustrations are gorgeous.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas.


The Victorian Parlor said...

The story is wonderful!!! I just love it!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Hello again:) I emailed you a little while ago but I'm not sure if it went through or not. Let me know if it didn't:) Merry Christmas!

Monica said...

Thank you, Catherine, for this lovely story...! Love and Christmas wishes from Kim too!!!!!
Monica x.

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Such a cute story, Catherine! Love the new banner as well. Your new illustrations make my heart sing. Happy New Year to you. xo Cat

All Bear by Paula said...

A perfect Christmas story ... thank you Catherine!

Unknown said...

I love that the pictures have a story behind them - I'm so pleased I got copies of them ;-) x

BumbleVee said...

Bob T. Bear sent me one of your cards... I'm a very lucky recipient....