Monday 8 June 2009

Come fly with me!

I'm not sure who stole the Summer, if you know could you kindly ask them to return it please! We are having really chilly, windy weather at the moment, but the Bumpkin Bears don't mind!

The wind was whistling around their Tree House so what better weather than to go kite flying. Pa Bear had to hold on to his little boy to make sure he didn't fly away too!

They were having such fun they didn't even see me sketching this moment. You can enjoy this moment too as a sweet
Print which I have just listed in my Etsy Store. Along with this Print you will receive a matching Notecard as a free gift.

If you prefer you can also just buy the Notecard seperately. You will see lots of Notecards in my store, if you would like more than one then just send me an email, the Bears will happily help me print any amount or combination your heart desires :) Don't forget Father's Day is coming up too, do you remember flying kites with your Dad?

Pop back again soon, I've got a really sweet set of seasons prints that are nearly ready for showing you.


Anonymous said...

oh how sweet....I love the little guys red boots....your right! this one is perfect for Fathers Day....hugs, Jennifer

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I found your blog by way of For the love of a teddy bear! I love your bears and your precious drawings! Your blog is awesome!

C. JoyBell C. said...

Sweeeeeet... :)

Lyn said...

Love the new print Catherine very cute! I also think Halo is a lovely looking bear too:o))

Take care. Hugs Lyn x

The Victorian Parlor said...

It's adorable! I really loved Halo and was happy to see that he was adopted so quickly (I think he is one of your prettiest bears yet:). I am looking forward to seeing your next project!



Unknown said...

Your illustrations are darling! :)

Bre said...

Love the designs! By the way, the weather isn't so summer-ish here either :( ...lots of rain, blah.

Wendster said...

I actually DO remember flying kites with my father.

What a wonderful idea for a card. Love it!

Your bears (illustrated and stuffed) have SUCH endearing personalities. You are a very talented lady.