Saturday 13 June 2009

Join me in my Garden

It's been such a beautiful day today, I love to sit out in my garden on a warm evening and listen to the bird song and watch the bees buzzing from flower to flower. I have a few pigeons that 'live' in my garden, there one is on my bird bath. I've been sketching lots of new ideas for my illustrations, amazing the inspiration that nature can give. Often if I am having a block and feeling uninspired for my art, I take a walk along the fields or sit on the bench in my garden and then the ideas trickle back into my mind! Do join me in my garden, the sky was beautiful this evening and the flowers glowing in the evening light.

I also took some photos of a baby wild bunny having a good old clean and tickle, I'll share these photos soon. For now, just relax and enjoy. Hugs, Catherine x


Unknown said...

Those are lovely photos! :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Very nice! I love cloud photos! Take lots of them!

Unknown said...

ugggh - I want a garden to sit in when the baby naps :-( sniff ...

Unknown said...

I love the cloud photo too x

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful garden. Sometimes I sit on my back deck and just listen to the birds and think.......The pictures are beautiful. Have a nice day! hugs, Jennifer

The Victorian Parlor said...


Your gardens are beautiful! I can see why you are inspired there!



Wendster said...

Ha ha! Somehow I just managed to put my garden comment on the seasons post.

My my my.

Please do see my comment on the next post down. (and all of the other posts, should you care to hop on through and read them. :) )

Hugs, my friend!


Wendster said...

p.s. And the photos were very lovely. I see that you caught the light just right on the edge of that little bush. Nice job!

Pretty flowers and clouds too. Such a pleasure to sit in your garden for a visit with the famous Bumpkin Bear maker. :)

Tracy said...

Splendid photos, Catherine... We're soaking up a taste of summer here too. Happy Days, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

bunzi said...

can't wait to see the little wild bunny. ;) your garden is lovely!

this is my patch said...

The garden looks at its best in the evening light and a good time to catch wonderful photos. The woodpigeons in my garden have been making light work of the birdfood on the table! x

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