Wednesday 1 July 2009

Berty dreams of being a cowboy!

Look who wants to be a cowboy when he grows up! Liberty is his name but his friends call him Berty. This little bear loves horses and after a day riding out in the meadows he likes to read a good story. In fact really he prefers to have a story read to him, the books can be rather big for him and so it takes a long time to read each page! He is a little bear at only 4.5". He dreams of America, galloping across the plains so I gave him his cute outfit of red and blue with soft gold velvet paw pads, so now he feels a true red, white and blue cowboy! He has his fireworks ready to celebrate the 4th of July!

He is ready for adoption, you can see all his details here on my Bumpkin Bears Website. If you would like to adopt him just send me an email.

We are off to the Highlands of Scotland at the weekend. We are driving with our car and stopping in The Lake District to break up the journey and to visit the home of Beatrix Potter, Hill Top. Click on the Hill Top link to read all about it, we will also visit her gallery nearby with lots of her original drawings, I am so excited! Needless to say I will have heaps of photos to share with you all when we return in a few weeks time. I have also recently joined Twitter where I post little tweets about what I'm getting up to in between blog posts, so feel free to follow me..

When we get back I've got lots of exciting treats and special offers for my Etsy Store. Any orders placed when I'm away will be delivered from July 22nd.

We are having a heat wave here in Belgium at the moment, let's hope we take some of the sun with us to Rainy Scotland :) In the meantime you can click on the tags at the end of my posts to visit places I've seen before. See you all back here soon. Hugs, Catherine x


Tracy said...

Sooo sweet...Liberty has the cutest face...and he's sooo tiny! Just adorable, Catherine. And being a Yankee, I'm happy to see the red, white & blue ;o) So glad you are getting to take trip to Scotland...wishing you safe & happy travels. And what fun with a side-trip to Hill Top! I've always wanted to go there... Takes tons of photos! Look forward to news and talking with you once you're back. Happy Days, my friend :o) ((HUGS) Oh, and great to be following you on Twitter!

Orso Bear, Esq said...

Forgive the unorthodox greeting, but that is my traditional mode of address from one cowbear to another.
Berty looks superb on his horse. What is his name? When I am in wild west mood I ride a fine horse called Parker. He looks a little like the one that Berty is riding in the photo - I wonder if they might be related?

Yours most sincerely,
Sherrif Orso Bear, Esq.
Grizzly Gulch,
(P.S. Actually I live in London. The above address is just a little humour on my part.)

The Victorian Parlor said...

He is so cute!

Wow-you get to visit Hill Top-what fun! Please take lots of pictures to share:).

Have a wonderful trip!!!



Unknown said...

ooooh he reminds me of a character from Horton Hears a Hoo ... I hope you don't mind me saying that xx

Wendster said...

Beatrix Potter!?!??! You are going to her old home!??!?! place?!?! estate??!?! whatever!??!

I can't WAIT to see the photos!

Oh I love blog friends that travel to places that I haven't been to yet. Happy sigh.

How clever to make a red white and blue bear, and even more clever to shorten Liberty to Berty. You are so smart.

Hope you are enjoying Scotland!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Dorothy, the USA BEar that is staying with us for a while, is off to Scotland soon too!

She waz very tayken wiv yor Berty!


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine! No that little guy made me smile..What a cutie!! Have a nice trip and be safe!! Hugs, Jennifer : )

Bumpkin Hill said...

thanks everyone, we are off tomorrow, all packed finally. I watched Miss Potter the movie this evening, I can't wait to visit her home and see her illustrations up close and then off to bonny Scotland :) Don't worry I'll take HEAPS of photos to share when I get back in a few weeks time. Take care everyone, Catherine x

Sarah said...

Bless little Bertie! Oh, how I wish I could stow away in your suitcase on your visit to Scotland and the Lake District, sigh.

Heatwave hugs, Sarah x

this is my patch said...

Miniature bears are my favourite. You will love Hill Top, we visited a few years back, although we didn't get to visit the gallery, which I am sure is equally as enchanting. We have had that heatwave here too, although over the past few days the temperature has dropped considerably, much to my relief. x

Willow said...

Sweet face, but don't tell Berty. Cowboys don't like being sweet. They need to be tough and dirty. :)

Enjoy your holiday!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Liberty is just darling! I love his nose especially. I would love to be a little bear in your back pack and follow you around this trip, Catherine. Especially to Hilltop and Scotland. Have fun!