Wednesday 12 August 2009

Sandy Moments

It's been a busy time in my Studio, sketching lots of new ideas for Prints & Cards and bringing to life a new bear called Sandy. **UPDATE Aug 12- Sandy has been ADOPTED**

He was first brought to life in my imagination when I was exploring the beautiful sandy beaches of Scotland. He loves going to the beach, the feeling of the soft warm sand on his paws and he just giggles with excitement when the first chilly splashes of water come in with the gentle tide. Hunting for shells is his favourite, running to show me every little one that he finds!

After a long day out at the seaside and all that fresh sea air he gets quite sleepy and loves lots of cuddles with his bedtime stories. Sandy is such a fun baby bear with a loving nature, he will bring a lifetime of childhood delights to fill your heart. He is a new 13" design, brought to life with beautiful top quality faux fur, fabulously soft and fluffy. You can see lots more photos and all his Adoption information on my Bumpkin Bears Website.** Sandy has been Adopted**

Here are some photos of one my favourite days from my trip to Scotland. After we had taken the ferry to the Isle of Skye we walked to this little secluded bay on a gorgeous sunny day with the most pristine white sands and crystal clear blue waters. What a dream it was. First thing I did was rolled up my jeans and went for a paddle of course :)

I've got so many more photos of Scotland to share so keep popping back. Beary Hugs, Catherine and Sandy x


Tracy said...

Hello, Sandy...oh, I think I love you!! He is tooo cute, Catherine, oh so sweet! And so easy to see how you were inspired to create--those landscapes of Scotland are simply breathtaking!! Look forward to more views...Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

peterbear said...

Loved those photos of Skye : blues skies, sandy beaches, sunshine : are you sure you went North to Scotland and not South to the Mediterranean ??? ;-)

Looking forward to the next stage.


Peter & the gang

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the photos! And the wee bear is precious! Someone will enjoy this precious bear!

The Victorian Parlor said...


I love that I get to visit such far away places when I read your posts:). The pictures of Scotland are beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of them!

BTW, Sandy is adorable! Glad he found a good home:).



Willow said...

I hope Sandy enjoys his new home. He would have loved Southern California with our miles and miles of beaches...

Lovely photos of Scotland, a place I long to visit.

Dorothy said...

Hello Catherine,

So glad you stopped by my blog to visit the butterflies! They are lovely, aren't they! But so are your photos of Scotland! And I love your little Sandy too!

Unknown said...

That bear is adorable! He looks so cuddly and cute, too! The beach photos are lovely, too! :)