Wednesday 9 September 2009

Summer's Last Smile

Thanks for all your lovely response about my Bunny and her Teacup Print, it's been a delight to send these prints off to special folk around the world, more of this series to follow. I have always loved Bunnies, but seeing the wild bunnies in my garden every day and my Summer Trip to Beatrix Potter's home has really got me into Bunny mode! If you missed out on the photos just click here and here.

So I've been having fun drawing a dancing bunny today, after painting yet another window frame of our house! The painting is nearly done, just the front door to go, then our old dark wood will have disappeared and been replaced with a pretty yellowy cream. After many Autumnal days we suddenly had a very hot day yesterday of 30c, Summer's last smile. Here are some photos I took in my garden. I'm busy bringing a new Bear to life in pretty antique peach mohair, a girly bear, so come back soon to say hello to her.

Hugs, Catherine x


Jan Mader said...

Love your blog and photos! Please stop by and meet my guys...two dogs and a horse!

And...since you like children's books, please come visit my other blog for writers.

I'm a children's author.

Anna said...

I love beatrix potter and also the movie about her life!
I can watch it over and over again!!!

cristinoel said...

Thanks for visiting! Glad to have visitors. Loved the photos on your site. The 'mouse' in the cup is really a hamster; I have to catch my self from calling it a mouse, so you are not the only one.
P.S. the bear and bunny are cute also.

The Victorian Parlor said...


What beautiful pictures! I look forward to meeting your new bear friend:).



Elyse said...

aw, what adorable photos you have!


Tracy said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos, Catherine...really captures the joy of the last tastes of summer--thank you for sharing! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

Awwwwww, I would find it hard not trying to sneak up on the bunny and give it a cuddle! It would probably terrify the life out of it though! Of course it would move like lightening!

Loving your new blog background!

Hugs, Sarah x

Wanda Lee said...

What a precious blog!.,, So glad, I found you! From one fellow artist to another, I always enjoy the opportunity of see the work of another delightful artist.., Do keep up the good work and all the best with your blog; it's charming.

My work is whimsical also, yet very different from yours, as you might imagine..., I haven't been well these days as of late , (though thankfully, I'm on the mend), so therefore I haven't as yet, shared my water colour art with my readers, I have to date just shared my digital creations with my fellow blog readers. You see, I used to sell a rather large number of offset, lithography, reproductions,of my original art, that were then sold as framed art wholesale to stores throughout North America.

I'll perhaps share these works of art later with folks. In the meantime, please feel welcome to drop on by, to see my six blogs (Two were created for my dear mom);..,I'm just "the link of a button" away...,

Take care, Bumpkin Bear.., and enjoy, as you so poetically say; " "Summer's Last Smile";( as will I).., Blessings and Cheers from Silken Purse

Relyn Lawson said...

I have to tell you, I had just clicked onto your blog and my daughter walked in from outside where she'd been playing. My ears are still ringing with her shrieks. "Bunnnnnnyyyyyy!" She yells. "Bunny!!!"