Friday 2 October 2009

Where do I start!

I have so much news to share today I'm not sure where to start, I guess at the very beginning, that's a very good place to start!!
I am thrilled to say that the first Print in my Friends for Tea Series has been featured on Belle and Boo's Blog. I adore Mandy's Illustrations and it was discovering her Art and her kind encouragement that inspired me to jump onto my dream of illustrating my Bumpkin Bears and Friends, I'm enjoying the ride! If you pop along to her Blog you'll also find a little thank you treat from me! THANK YOU Mandy.

I'd love to show you too my latest Notecard, the Thank You Parade. I love to send and receive real mail, this Card would be a lovely way to brighten someone's day. The Bears and Friends certainly know how to say Thank You, the whole Forest could hear them as their Marching Band came along!

Are you still with me... ok then I'll carry on... I am excited to share the second in my Friends for Tea series - Bunny and her Teapot Don't you just love having Friends for Tea, using your antique china? I can't think of a better guest than a wee fluffy Bunny, but you'd better wait to put the tea into your Teapot!! Hop along to my Etsy Store in time for Tea!

Ok, I promise this is my final bit of news for today! As promised last week I have finally brought to life a baby Moon Bear. His name is Honey. Many of his Moon Bear family have a very hard life in cruel Bear Farms and being the little sweetheart that he is he wanted his adoption to help his family far away. Therefore 20% of his adoption will be donated directly towards Moon Bear Rescue. Go along to the Animals Asia website to find out about Moon Bear Rescue. You can find all of Honey's photos and his adoption info on my website.**UPDATE - Oct 2nd Honey has now been Adopted and the Moon Bears will be helped, thank you**

Now that I expect your eyes have gone square looking at the screen I will let you go :) Thanks for popping by, have a great weekend. Bear Hugs, Catherine xx


Heather said...

These are all absolutely fantastic!

And omgoodness the Belle and Boo blog is adorable!

Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

love, love,love the new bunny print Catherine x

Swift Jan said...

Oh how delish is Bunny in her teapot...

Sarah Medina said...

Hi Cath, Its been so long since we've caught up, but I see you are keeping busy :) I love the tea cups with the bunny piccie too cute, and Honey is adorable too, good luck on the sale! xx

Tracy said...

Such fun adnd wonderful news all around, Catherine...terrific about the feature at Belle & Boo! And just love the new teapot bunny--too cute! I'd love to have tea with her! And Honey Bear is sooo sweet... So glad he has a new home to go to soon. Thing are pretty sweet there all around--so glad! Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

Catherine, your Friends for Tea series looks incredible, I'm in love with the first two prints you have revealed so far. Thinking they would look great on Lila's bedroom wall! Congrats on being featured on the Belle and Boo blog, hope it brings you lots of new customers and fans! Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing more of your new work. x faye x

lapousmor said...

Hi Catherine!

Always a pleasure to read your notes on your blog. So many beautiful illustrations and bears to discover!
I really love your new ones.
I am glad Honey quickly found a new loving home. He looks so adorable.
That is very kind of you to help moon bears through this sale. May all moon bears in the world have a happy life.

Theodore M. Bear said...

That's all WONDERFUL news!! Your work is simply beautiful so anytime it gets attention, that's something to be excited about! :-) Thank you again for sharing your talent with us! :-)

Amy said...

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for visiting Chambers & Beau and for your kind words. Saw your print over at Belle & Boo and loved it. Will be sure to check in regularly to your lovely blog.


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I'm happy you found my blog! I love your art and bears. I used to make and collect bears when I was little, seeing your bears makes me want to add more to my collection! And, even make some more bears again! It is addictive.
I think I may have to get one of your bears to start a collection for my baby!

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love the bunny and tea pictures! They are adorable!!!



Esther said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's a honour coming from someone as talented as you.

I've only just recently stumbled across Belle and Boo's blog (I saw your picture on there yesterday but as yet didn't "know" you) and was delighted when looking at your blog that you are the same artist I saw.

I love both of your artwork and find it really inspiring. I used to dabble in art and drawing and have only recently felt the urge to start again. But having had time off, I lack confidence and have yet to find my own style. You've helped give me the motivation to start again.

Julie Marie said...

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my blog... Oh how I want to adopt one of your bears! I do want a larger one that Berty though, so I will watch and see what you have next! Your blog and shop are wonderful! Bisous... Julie Marie

Ina Smirnova said...

Hello, dear Catherine! Nice to meet you! I like your bears - your Honey is so sweet )))
Ina from Lithuania

Anonymous said...

Your friends for tea series is just adorable! ♥