Tuesday 10 November 2009

A Bunny for Christmas!

I started on a new Artist Bear today in gorgeous long pile Maple coloured, soft as soft can be, Mohair, so watch this space! I have also been busy creating new Gift Tags, you can now see all the Friends for Tea Bunnies, as well as all these others -

I have also been loving creating a new Bumpkin Bunny, all dressed up for Christmas! She is available as a Print, Notecard and Gift Tag set from my Etsy store.-
It was early on Christmas Day and there was one very impatient little Bunny tapping her paws in her sweet polka dot box! She was just so excited about meeting her new family that she hopped right out of her box wearing her cute Santa hat! OH what a Delight, an adorable fluffy Bunny!

Hop along here to see all these new Delights.
Hugs, Catherine xx


Heather said...


cassandra2491 said...

Just gorgeous, will also check out your etsy shop.

Charlotte said...

GORGEOUS! Just gorgeous! Oh I love your things!!!

Thank you for your email... I will be replying and ordering as soon as I get a mo. The fact that I am writing this at ten past midnight shows how frantic things are at the moment. Which is good really, but a nightmare too.

Love Charlotte & Humph xxx

ps I made my own range of xmas cards last year featuring Humph with a santa hat 'photoshoped' on to him (very inexpertly by myself!) - very amateurish, but fun

Swift Jan said...


Kellie said...

ohhhh super cute!

Tracy said...

Just soooo sweet, Catherine... and your Christmas collection is adorable! Maple colored mohair...can't wait to see the new bear. Maple might be a good name, if you don't have one chosen already. Happy Day, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Kyanite said...

I love your Bears and Bunnies.
So does Mother.
She wants me to ask you, if you are going to the Bear Fair in Hove, near Brighton, Sussex on the 13th December???
She will be visiting, while I mind the Hug!


Southern Bears said...

My word Catherine, your art is delightful. Can't wait to see your new bear!

Pat xx

daisyfleur said...

These bunnies are gorgeous! I particularly like the one in the teapot and teacups. Very pleased pleased you stopped by at my blog and I have been led here to your lovely blog and creations ;o)

Jorgelina said...

I love your Bears and Bunnies.
Soooo cute! Adorable.
Blog is a pleasure to visit his. Greetings from Argentina

Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

oohhhhhhh so cute x