Monday 28 December 2009

Let's go Ice Skating!

I hope you all had a magical Christmas Day. My fiance, the cats and I had a lovely relaxing Christmas at home this year. As you can see Phoebe helped me out reading Nigella's cook book! Most of our snow here was washed away by rain. The sun came out on Boxing Day so we went for a lovely walk in a local forest, all the paths were like ice rinks still! I'm back busy with my bear making, in the middle of a commission Bear which will be finished this week. I promise to share photos when he is brought to life! In the meantime enjoy this frosty world! HUGS, Catherine x


Heidi said...

Hello Catherine, Loved your post this morning....& sounds like you had a lovely Christmas!....Ours was much the same, quiet & peaceful....just the way I like!...Last year we had lots of company & guests for over a week so this year it was so nice to just have close family!...
And you mentioned you received the new Nigella book?..Is there another new one?!...I bought myself her Christmas cookbook when out Christmas shopping (couldn't resist!) & just love it!!...I cannot get enough of Nigella!!!..I have taped some of her Christmas shows & just keep watching them over & over again!..I love the words she uses & her descriptions of things!...
Well off to begin the day here!..A bit cloudy & very cool!...
Enjoy a cozy evening my friend! Love seeing photos of that beautiful area where you live!....Take Care, Heidi XO

lapousmor said...

Hi Catherine!

I am glad you enjoyed a nice Christmas.
Your photos are beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing!

Here, while Malko is busy in the living-room pannelling, I am sewing some table decorations the shape of Christmas trees for New Year Eve.

Lots of hugs,

Brian's Home Blog said...

We are very happy you had a good Christmas and my sisters and I wish you a Beary Happy New Year too!

Monica said...

Hello Catherine,
glad you had a lovely Christmas! I'd need a good walk in the woods too, but ice is so scary to me, so I think we'll remain quiet on the sofa in front of a crackling fire (with some good books and cookies too!).

The Victorian Parlor said...


The pictures are beautiful! What a lovely stroll! I love the picture of your cat helping with the cookbook:). I am looking forward to seeing your next bear. Happy New Year!!!