Monday 21 December 2009

Nestled in a sea of White!

We had snow blizzards arrive on Thursday with lots more yesterday. So after trying to clear our drive way and making our paths walkable (they were like an ice rink this morning!) we are staying in the warm! I'm busy cutting out a new commission bear that has just been requested, this little one will be a gorgeous soft gold and white Bear. Tomorrow I'll be going to the shops by foot hoping to find all I need for our Christmas meal, I think I need to borrow a donkey to carry bags! I received some lovely photos of my Bears in their new home in the snow which I'll share soon. In the meantime here are some snowy photos from our village before we got the snow blizzards! I wanted to invite the horse in for Tea! Snowy hugs Catherine x


Unknown said...

very pretty catherine! love the horses! your little josephine is adorable too! and your illustrations are so adorable! and you finished the doll you were knitting! looks like alot of work but she came out very sweet! huggs!

Lynn said...

Lovely pictures Catherine, I think this is going to be a very snowy winter for us here in Wisconsin. Stay warm and Merry Christmas.


Swift Jan said...

ph how divine! Snow everywhere for chrstmas! So vastly different to our scorching summer heat!
I hope you can make it to the shops ok. Take care and have a lovely christmas xx

Monica said...

Haha! Poor donkey, Catherine!
Can't wait to see the bears... hope you're resting after all that shoveling!
Stay warm, and have a fabulous and joyous Christmas!

Cottage Rose said...

Such beautiful winter photo's... What a gorgeous area you are in.... the views a amazing..... stay warm and dry... Merry Christmas.


Marie Rayner said...

Beautiful winter photos Catherine. We had an awful lot of snow dumped on us as well. It makes me glad that I got ready for Christmas early and that I don't have to go out anywhere. I just have to stay home, cosy and warm and enjoy the sights and feelings. Stay warm and safe, and Merry Christmas!!

peterbear said...

Lovely photos of the winter wonderland, Catherine. Though I must admit that going to work the past few days was no picnic :-)
Thank heavens I got the rest of the week off and can enjoy the holidays with the adorable, Winston, Crosby, Lewis & Bailey and the rest of the hug.


Peter & the bears

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS photos, Catherine! Such enchanting scenes... We've had a lot of snow here. And with our flight to the USA cancelled due to snow there, it's a magic winter wonderland everywhere. We're re-booked for a flight tomorrow, so hopefully I will still get home for Christmas holidays! Hope you are enjoy the lead-up to Christmas. Keep safe, keep warm and enjoy these lovely days just now. ((LOVE & HUGS)) :o)

Clare said...

Hi Catherine
thanks for dropping by my blog!Your bears are just adorable and how lovely to see a snowy windmill!Have a great xmas

Unknown said...

I get cold just looking at your wonderful photos.
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Brian's Home Blog said...

WOW, those are beautiful pictures fur sure, but the snow makes my whiskers shiver! Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!