Friday 8 January 2010

In my Garden..

I'm busy working on some new illustrations and keeping warm! The birds in my garden are all fluffed up with the frosty snowy weather we are having. Here are some shots I took through my kitchen window! I'll be back soon, Catherine x


Art4U said...

Lovely photos!
I think a lot of countries are getting snow at the moment!
Happy New Year
x Julie x

Ellen Borggreve said...

You must have been pretty patient to take these gorgeous pictures! I always enjoy your blog Catherine, I have just been a bit too secretive about it LOL. Hugs, Ellen

Brian's Home Blog said...

Wow, love the birds...bird watching is a favorite hobby of mine! Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie Marie said...

Oooh your photos are beautiful! I love watching our birds too...xoxo Julie Marie, Honeybeary and Bittybeary

Swift Jan said...

Now isn't that beautiful :)

Bumpkin Hill said...

Thanks so much everyone, I love all your messages, they make my day. I love birds so I have great fun taking photos of them in my garden, they are all pretty cold out there with a new snow storm just arriving! Catherine x

Sarah said...

Fantastic photos Catherine! We feed the birds too but it's hard getting water for them as it keeps freezing over!

So you get 'fat balls' in Belgium! Do they call them that there?!

Hugs, Sarah x

Tracy said...

Oh, so sweet! Love that last photo of the bluebird! We just put out fresh food for the birds... Just hope our kitty Charlie will leave our feathered-friends alone ;o) Enjoy your burst of creativity, Catherine--looking forward to seeing what's new soo! Happy Weekend, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

peterbear said...

Hi Catherine,

It's so lovely to see you're taking good care of our feathered friends in your garden :-) And judging by the last photo, they seem be well fed for winter !
What a great time for cuddling up on the couch with my four friends, Winston, Crosby, Lewis & Bailey, drinking tea and eating cake. :-)
Stay warm a be careful if you go outside ...


Peter & the bears

lapousmor said...

Thanks for sharing these photos!
And thanks for feeding these little birds!

Here in my place there is no snow, but a little more in the North (just maybe about 30 km), this is another story.
We are sort of protected as we are along the Loir Valley...