Wednesday 27 January 2010

Simple Things

My dear friend, Tracy, of Pink Purl told me about this wonderful Blog event called Simple Things. It is being run by the lovely Christina who will also be donating $1 for each person joining in to Doctors without Borders to help Haiti. January can often be a difficult month with grey, cold days in this part of the world and trying to know what to make of this new year, thoughts of another year passed by and where we will be heading... SO this is a wonderful opportunity to just stop. take a deep breath and think of all those simple things in life that bring that true deep pleasure to our lives.

Here is my list -

Pure, fresh air that makes you want to breathe so deeply.
The sight of the first spring bulbs venturing out of their rest.
The sound of birds singing a chorus.
Watching the birds enjoying the food I give them.
The sight of the cottontail of a wild bunny hopping away over the fields.
Seeing rolling green hills stretch out in front of me.
After dry times the scents of nature after the rain.
The sound of leaves crunching under foot in woodland walks.
Lying on my back in the garden taking photos of wispy clouds floating by.
Tip toeing following a butterfly flit from flower to flower to take a photo.
The scent of a horse when I put my arms around them for a hug.
The smell of leather transporting me to the days with my horse.
The feeling of freedom riding on a beloved horse.
The flower scent of soap.
The silver droplets of dew dressing leaves like jewelry.
Early evening sunlight glowing on plants.
The joy of writing & receiving hand written letters.
The first blossom of Spring.
Hearing my little 2 year old niece saying "I luv you Aunty Cath".
The contented purr of my cats.
Beautiful creamy yellow primroses along the banks of country lanes.
Picking blackberries in the wild.
Pulling out carrots from the ground, mmm that scent!
Drinking home made lemonade on a warm summer's day.
Running bare foot in the grass in the Summer.
Watching Spring lambs skipping about in the early evening.
The sound of a donkey eeee-oooooring.
The softness of a donkey's ears.
Trees with the sunlight streaming through their branches
Driving along country lanes where the trees arch over either side.
The clip clop of horses passing by.
The hoot of an owl at night.
The colours of threads and pencils, just like candy.
An old Teddy sat looking out of the window.
Vintage Children's Books.
The enchanting swirl of flames from an open fire.
The warmth of a loving hug.
The glow from a candle on a chilly evening.
The little Robin that is always nearby when digging in my Garden.
The petals of an old fashioned rose nestled like layers of the finest tissue paper.
Ribbons on presents.
Scent of lavender.
The heads of little snowdrops nodding in the winter.
The sound of wellington boots walking along.
Feeding a newborn lamb from a bottle.
Seeing a new character appear on a page as I draw.
The sound of a loved one on the phone.
The joy that a home made gift brings to people.
Last and most definitely not least, the gift of Friendship, thank you to you all.

I had such fun looking through all my photographs to choose just a few. I hope you too will take a moment to treasure your favourite Simple Things. I'll be launching some new sets of notecards to my Etsy store shortly, so do pop back very soon. Hugs, Catherine x


SE'LAH... said...

I'm so glad our dear Tracy told you about this event. Your list is inspiring. The sound of a loved one on the phone. Beautiful!

Dawn said...

Oh my GOD...I love your list so much, it could be mine word for word.
Country roads with trees bending on either side...leaves crunching underfoot in the forest...sneaking up on butterflies to take a picture...vintage children's book....
Thank you for sharing these!
xo country girl

Cyndy said...

Good morning, Catherine! I come to you via Christina and the love she shares. I am totally with you on the vintage children's books. Simplicity in time, rhyme and verse. So nice...

Char said...

oh...just beautiful thoughts and things to love.

Tracy said...

Oh, so much sweetness and delight, Catherine...*swoon*...Feel I've been on a walk in a lush Enligsh wood in springtime..*sigh*...Thank for this today, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

christina said...

yes, the smell of a horse. isn't that just a beautiful thing. i love it over here. i also love that our paths have crossed.

Sherry said...

What a beautiful list...jam packed with the simple pleasures of life. I too love to watch a butterfly flit from spot to spot...and I'm amazed at how quietly they can sit in one spot.

You had me at your photographs by the way -- some of life's very beautiful pleasures!

iasa said...

so many calming things on your list. sunset glowing on plants~magical.

Mari Mansourian said...

great images... and early evening sunlight is priceless :)

Relyn Lawson said...

I love this. You can learn so much about a person from their lists. What I've learned is that I very much like you. I think I've found a kindred spirit. Hello, my friend, hello.

Sandra said...

You are so right, we have much in common. Roses, horses, leather. Very glad to meet you!

An Open Heart said...

"The silver droplets of dew dressing leaves like jewelry."

"The petals of an old fashioned rose nestled like layers of the finest tissue paper."

Amazing prose....what beautiful, SIMPLE words to describe such simple things.

What a wonderful list....thank you for stopping by my simple things list....and for your list


Callies Cottage said...

Wonderful to meet someone who is so appreciative of the simple things in life that really do matter...
Be Happy!
Warm Wishes,

Unknown said...

I am so in love with this post!! We have so much in common. Your list is the best ever!! I wish we could visit in person!