Sunday 16 May 2010


It's all go in my garden this week, with my fiance having some time off work we've cleared our little front garden patch, had some aged woody lavendar in it and LOTS of bindweed and horse tail weeds inherited from next door! So the battle began and for now we have won! It is all cleared and we've planted a little criss cross shape of box hedging. 30 little plants all together, all grown by myself from cuttings a few years back. Isn't it satisfying to grow your own plants and just think how much money was saved! I am looking forward to planting lots of cottage garden flowers in next, promise I'll share photos.

Whilst out there digging I saw this little chap or chapette!

A little unsteady holding onto branches and a bit more flapping than flying but he just sits right near to where I'm digging chirping away, such a little treasure. I have seen him just now up in a plum tree near one of the fat ball feeders and he was chriping away, "come on Mum, I'm hungry!!".

We have also got a black bird nesting in a shrub right by my patio, as I walk past quietly I can see her in there sat on her nest! I'll share some photos of her soon that I took the other day building her nest.

So Blue Bear is patiently waiting for me to get back to him, I have sewn up some of his pieces and next week will give him more attention, hope to have him ready to show you all by the end of the week! Hugs, Catherine x


hanmade said...

what great birdie photos! x

Georgianna said...

It's so therapeutic to clear the garden out, isn't it? I'm impressed that you grew boxwood for hedging. I just love it but it is so expensive. Your little fledgling is adorable! I hope his parents are keeping an eye on him. So happy you are enjoying spring! xo – g

Vicki Boster said...

I love the bird photos!~ What a sweet little bird that is! I know you are so excited to be getting your garden ready - just makes you feel wonderful to dig in the dirt doesn't it!

Enjoy watching that little birdie grow~~~


Julie Marie said...

Hello Catherine... what adorable little birds! That looks like a mama finch close by! Thanks for sharing... xoxo Julie Marie, Honeybeary and Bittybeary

Marie Rayner said...

Great little birdie photos Catherine! We were watching the sparrows play in this empty planter we have near the shed last night as we ate our tea. It's filled up with water after the recent rains we have had and it was just like watching a bunch of kids at the community pool!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Wonderful photography! When I was a child we had birds nesting on our patio and they looked just like these do! Good luck with your flowers ~ I planted sweet peas this year.

this is my patch said...

I saw my first baby blackbird of the year today in the garden. I do worry for them as they take their first tentative steps towards adulthood. x