Friday 24 September 2010

The Summer Hill Bunnies discover a new home!

Not that long ago, a few steps backs I introduced you to Summer Hill, a care free, magical place very dear to my heart with oh so well dressed Bunnies peeping out when brave enough! Well they were very very brave when they packed up for their journey to the beautiful county of Kent in England to live with Nina and her family. I told them all about the rolling hills in Kent so I knew they would feel right at home.

I was over the moon to read of their journey and how they have settled in over at Nina's Tabiboo Blog. She described it all so charmingly that I knew you would all enjoy hopping over there to see them in their new home. Thank you to Nina for these kind words -
These beautiful little bunnies are the creation of the very talented and wonderful Catherine Young of Bumpkin Bears who illustrates the most fabulous images that not only delights a childs imagination, but any adult that holds onto the magical side of their childhood too.

And as these little bunnies are so dear to her heart I know in mine that they will be for the youngest Boo to treasure for many years to come.

In fact these Summer Hill Bunnies seem to have got the taste for travel and are hopping around the world, especially this Print that I have been personalising lots with the first letter of a child's name in her Dream Balloon.

Of course not to leave the boys out there is this Print.

It has been a delight to bring Summer Hill to print, brings back many happy childhood memories. I remember waking up in the mornings at my Granny's home, opening the little window, taking a deep breath of that lovely Dorset fresh air and looking out across the garden and then up to the hill across the lane. I would see the wild bunnies naughtily nibbling my Granny's lettuces, there was many a day that I would sit out by the back door under the porch and talk away to the bunnies and birds, imagining all the adventures they got up to! Yes, some may have thought me crazy, but these were happy times and now I capture these moments in my illustrations available at Etsy and love to think of children chatting to their new friends through my Art.


Jess said...

your illustrations are delightful!
Thanks for the visit, I will surely return here.

PoetessWug said...

How wonderful to be able to capture your childhood and share it with others! You're very talented!! I'm going to check out the blog link to the full story now.... Have a hopping day! :-)

...Nina Nixon... said...

...and they have settled in so beautifully.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend,

Nina xxx

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Beautiful illustrations, Catherine!
Susan x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,
Illustrations that rekindle links to our own childhood, like yours do are enchanting...thank you.
Thank you also for the visit.

Georgianna said...

So imaginative and beautiful, Catherine. You have so many charming memories of your Granny's home and it's wonderful that you share them in your art and words. Have a magical weekend! xo – g

Pom Pom said...

Their faces are lovely! I'll pop over to Nina's place and read that story, too!

Vicki Boster said...

Your Summer Hill collection is totally magical. I fall in love with it everytime I visit here. The latest prints are adorable - just precious. Nina's kind words described your colection perfectly! You are an amazing artist with the soul of a child - your ability to create is a blessing indeed.


Charlotte said...

Just catching up so only just seen this lovely post. You are quite the Beatrix Potter, sitting and chatting to the bunnies at your grannies!