Thursday 30 September 2010


Welcome to Willow, my latest Bumpkin Bear brought to life.

Willow is a gentle hearted, one of a kind, 17" Bumpkin Bear. His gorgeously soft Schulte mohair is a very special colour which reminded me of these Willow tree buds with their soft brown fawn colour with silvery tones.

As he just loves climbing the trees in the woodland (as long as you go with him) and is as soft and sweet as these buds that I felt Willow suited him as a name and he agreed!

Willow is looking forward to long woodland walks and warm cuddles with a good story book. You can see more of his photos and all his adoption information on my website.

Right now Willow and I will get back to work and look forward to seeing you back here soon. Hugs, Catherine x


Anna said...

he looks just adorable!
I love his color!

PoetessWug said...

Catherine, He's such a cutie!! I especially love his nose...but then, I would!!! :-) I'm sure he's going to be in someone's home soon, helping them to get to sleep at night!

Unknown said...

such an adorable little guy! i'm sure he'll get adopted fast!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Oh he's gorgeous - I love his little face and he looks so snuggly.

Have a super day,

Nina xxx

Tracy said...

Isn't he LOVELY!! His color is just like willow... yes... and just as soft, no doubt! ;o) He is beautiful. He has the cutest nose... Hope all is well there with you. Thanks for the welcome home at my blog. We had super-fabby time in London! It is the best city--I can easily daydream of living there...*sigh*...Happy Days ((HUGS))

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Such a pretty name for an adorable little bear!
Susan x

Debora Hoffmann said...

Willow is precious, Catherine! Love his coloring. And I'll gladly go along so he can climb the trees...while I watch...I never could climb trees. ;o)

Lyn said...

Great name for this bear Catherine:o)) Another lovely bear in a really nice colour:o))
Take care and have a good weekend.
Hugs Lyn x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color, looks a very cuddly bear.

Julie said...

He is sooo beautiful! ♥

Georgianna said...

What a perfect name for him, Catherine! Your creations are better and better all the time – such a talent and gift you have. Wishing you a wonderful week. xo – g