Friday 15 October 2010

Magical England

Here I am back in Belgium after a wonderful break back home in England.

The Autumn colours were spread out across the landscape like a paint palette. In the New Forest (Hampshire) the landscapes are dotted with charming little (and far from little) homes nestling in cosily amongst trees.

Whilst searching for a place with the wonderful name of Castle Hill we came across this walk that was dotted with the most magical toadstools in all forms. I could just imagine little mice sheltering under the wider ones like umbrellas and the fairies had obviously been busy sewing little yellow trims along the edge of this one! (click on all images to get larger views).

Upside down ones that would work a treat as little teacups!

It really was magical as we walked up and down across the heather that had turned a wonderful russet brown that glowed even on this misty morning.

By the afternoon the sun had come out and didn't go away for our whole trip! We took literally hundreds of photos so I'll be making selections to share with you all. For all those of you that love toadstools as much as I do I'm busy sewing these adorable country cottage style toadstool hanging ornaments. These are being made for an order for my wonderful stockist in the UK, Cottontails. They will be COMING SOON so to start with they'll be made in a limited number. I'll be sure to let you know when they'll be available there.

It's been all go since I got back printing orders to send out. I have my new stichy project nearly ready to share with you all, so if you fancy a craft project of your own come back soon! Hugs, Catherine x


PoetessWug said...

It's true that inspiration can come from just about anywhere, right?! Even a toadstool on a countryside. :-) Very nice creation from the inspiration too!

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Lovely photographs, Catherine.
England is certainly beautiful at this time of year (love your toadstools!)
Susan x

Pom Pom said...

So sweet! I saw the toadstools over at Cottontails. Love them! Your photos are lovely.

Tracy said...

SENSATIONAL photos, Catherine! Lovely to have a few glimpses from your trip! Glad you had a wonderful time... Always good with a break, no matter how long or short. Looks like the fungi have inspired your creative work. ;o) VERY CUTE! Happy days settling in home again, and have a great weekend ahead ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

love the photos! all the mushrooms are so cute! and love the little mushroom you made! big huggs!

toni said...

Oh my gosh, are those mushrooms for real? I love how you make up little stories about mice sheltering under them, such an imagination, are you a Pisces? The toadstool hanging is cute, I like the mix of fabrics.

Bumpkin Hill said...

Thanks Toni, yep I am a Pisces -imagination overflow :)

GardenOfDaisies said...

What beautiful countryside! The mushrooms are gorgeous!

Carrie said...

wow! nature is fantastic ;) Thanks so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Your misty morning photos look beautiful and those toadstools, especially the red ones, they are gorgeous.

Georgianna said...

Catherine, I'm thrilled you had this wonderful trip! It looks like it was pure magic from start to finish and I really look forward to seeing more images! Lovely weekend to you, dear. xo – g

...Nina Nixon... said...

So glad you had a wonderful trip and it looks like it was a revitalising one.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina xxx

ps. I must go and have a peek at those adorable mushrooms.

N xx

Charlotte said...

The photos of the toadstools / mushrooms (hmmm - what is the difference?) are wonderful Catherine - were they taken with that fab camera your dad gave you? Especially the 'classic' red one - you know I can't remember actually seeing one for real.

Can't wait to put the toadstools on the Cottontails website!

Actually, if you get a mo to email me a pic / size / trade price I could add them to my brand new (and nearly empty!) coming soon page!

Love Charlotte

Vicki Boster said...

Such a beautiful countryside - oh my what a lovely place to wander! As alwys you leave me longing to see life the way you do - such a beautiful place that you call home!

Love the toadstools!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, those toadstools are magical! I actually took a photo of some fungi in our garden yesterday. We have an abundance of many types in our garden, but sadly not the spotted ones!

I will have to post a pic on my blog, they are quite unusual!

Hugs, Sarah x

Sarah Medina said...

Found them :) Fantastic shrooms!!! I can see why you were inspired :) Hugs Sarah