Thursday 28 July 2011

What did you choose?

Thanks so much for the wonderful response to my survey for choosing the next illustrations to be turned into Embroidery Patterns. It has really helped a lot and I have started working on the winning design - Flight of the Teacups. 

Coming in a close 2nd was "Bunnies Love Embroidery too" and then many other designs came in at joint 3rd, so looks like many new Bumpkin friends are going to be stitched up for you all to have fun with :)

Maybe you could help me out again with a wee question - When it comes to Embroidery projects what are your favourite items to stitch onto - Pillows, Quilts, Clothing, Wall Art, other items?  PLUS what kind of fabric do you most like to stitch onto?

More of my English holiday to share soon, Hugs, Catherine xx


Tracy said...

Your stitching is so pretty, Catherine! Very fun to find out the design that won. It's been a while since I did much embroidery like this, though I dabble in a little on my prayer flags. I like embroidering on cotton, linen or cotton-blend fabrics best. Embroidery embellishment on cushions is something I've always like. Look forward to seeing the Teacups finished! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS)) P.S. Btw, how are you doing??

Allie said...

Oh so beautiful - I can't wait to see! My favorite item to stitch is mini-quilts, stitching just seems to go with quilting so well. As for fabric, I LOVE Kona Cotton, but really anything except knits!