Tuesday 13 December 2011

A blue & white Christmas

Last weekend we visited Delft, the Dutch city famed for their Blue & White china.  There were some wonderfully wonky old buildings, many with their toes dipped in the water!

This wee little bird chirped up at me from a basket in this shop above and I couldn't resist, I do love birds and this one has got a sweet little windmill painted on his chest.

We are hoping to visit Bruges soon too so will be sure to take some christmasy photos to share, it is always so pretty there at this time of year.  


All things nice... said...

That looks like such a lovely place, love the blue and white china. I didn't know there was such a place. Thanks for sharing

All things nice...

~Laurie~ said...

So beautiful!

Georgianna said...

Great photos! David and I both enjoyed this very much, Catherine. He'll definitely go to Delft on his next trip.

Hope your week is going well! Is the rush over yet?

xo – g

Monica said...

It's so beautiful you share with us all of these wonderful places, dear Catherine!
Can't wait to see Bruges.
Monica xo