Wednesday 22 August 2012

Make a Splash with my Little Duckling Embroidery Pattern

Thanks for your kind thoughts for my cat, Phoebe.  Sadly she is still poorly, the medicine they gave her has actually added extra problems now, I find it so hard seeing her struggling.  Keep sending your positive vibes please!

I've been keeping my hands busy finishing this brand new Embroidery Pattern to go with my new range of Little Duckling's Party illustrations.  She is nestled all cosy in her Lily Flower with her special gift.

The Pattern comes with extra smaller Lily Flowers that  make a sweet border.

Just look at this adorable dress, with matching bloomers, that a customer embroidered for her daughter's 1st Birthday to wear at her Little Duckling Party!  Oh I have just the cutest photos to show soon from this very special Party.

Like to get stitching?  This Pattern and all my other Embroidery Patterns are available from my Etsy Shop .  I send them direct to your email as a PDF file, so no waiting around for the post you can just dive in straight away to this new project that will make quite a splash!

Happy Stitching!


Ducky said...

What an adorable little dress! And I love the pattern, too!

~Laurie~ said...

Sorry to hear of Phoebe - will send loving thoughts her way.

...Nina Nixon... said...

That is gorgeous - the dress is amazing and the embroidery is so effective.

So sorry to hear about Pheobe - it's so hard seeing them struggle. I do hope she recovers soon.

Get well soon vibes from me,

Nina xxx