Sunday 16 September 2012

Sweet Paris

Paris was vast, hot, awe inspiring, detailed, foot aching and enchanting all rolled into one!  With every blink of the eye there was something else to see, there were many moments I just did not know where to look first!  After a while I got a sore neck from looking up at the most enormous, ornately carved buildings & sculptures with gold glinting in the sun (we had a heat wave reaching 40c!)!  

Beyond the vastness of the main sites to be seen it was the details that I was really captivated by.  The flowing art nouveau designs on the lamp posts that most just walked by, the carved faces & cherubs above huge door ways that would be perfect for a giant, the wrought iron balconies dressing the fronts of grand apartments.... For those that know me will not be surprised I took rather a lot of photographs!  Do not fear I will not share them alllll with you and instead thought it would be fun to make a selection, today "Sweet Paris" ... coming up "Watching over" "Who lives behind a door like this", "Grandeur", "Jardin in the city" "Magic of the Night".   Does that sound like fun?

Behind the scenes I am busily working on some delightful Christmas designs and lots of PR to magazines and blogs to help spread the word about my Bumpkin world.  If you know of any magazines or blogs that you feel my designs would nestle nicely into do let me know in the comments section.  Thanks for visiting as always, your comments really mean a lot and brighten my days, it is nice to know who is reading my posts.
Hugs, Catherine



Georgianna said...

Your description of the city is delightful, Catherine! So very happy you had such a lovely time. Looking forward to as many images as you can share in your tempting categories. Speaking of tempting, this post is certainly mouthwatering!


Tracy said...

LOVELY collage from Paris, Catherine! Glad you had the chance for a little time away. And great that you back home safe and loaded with inspiration! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

...Nina Nixon... said...

Phew to the heat - in a city that would be meltdown for me.

I do love Paris though - I'm trying to persuade hubby to take me again.

take care,

Nina x

Charlotte said...

Really love the Boulangerie Patisserie shop top left... why don't we have such things over here? Well, very rarely anyway... too many Greggs bakeries etc. Hardly the same.

Went to Paris for the weekend when I was 22, first time I ever flew anywhere. Happy, happy memories.