Saturday, 9 February 2013

Spring must be on the way!

Bunnies & Lambs are hopping and skipping all over my Studio lately so Spring & Easter must be on the way!  New Easter Cards in my Shop -

I've also been having fun designing a Pattern for these felt "Blossom Bunnies", they would be cute in Easter Baskets & hanging from twigs with a ribbon loop!  The Pattern is now available here in my Shop.

This last week has been hail one minute, bright sunshine the next, so the Spring bulbs don't know what to do, but yesterday I spotted the first crocus & grape hyacinth about to open!  So exciting!  I just LOVE Spring, my favourite time of the year.  Of course I'll take some photos to show you.

I have been so busy with illustration projects that I have not been posting as often here as I would like, but I do post everyday on my Facebook page, would love to see you there too.

Due to demand I have also decided to sew some of these "Berry Bunnies", they make the sweetest gifts for babies & children at Easter as well as a lovely decorative touch in the home.  It was quite a thrill to see my illustration printed on fabric for the first time, it is a beautiful quality cotton Poplin.  There are only a very limited amount available as a hand sewn Bunny or as a "Sew your own Kit" .

Just to add to my Bunny Bonanza today here is a sneak peek at a new Embroidery Pattern I am designing, this has been on my mind since last Spring so about time it finally got stitched!

Time to hop off and pack some orders!
Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, you brighten my days.


Anonymous said...

Just love all the bunnies! :)

Georgianna said...

I just love that sweet lamb, Catherine! So happy for you to have so many wonderful projects and demands for your work.

Almost spring – can't wait!


♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Your little felt bunnies are so sweet Catherine and the Berry Bunnies are perfect for little ones...
Happy Sunday!
Susan x

Monica said...

Oh what a cute bunny softie. Love it!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see your latest embroidery pattern, they're all so so incredibly sweet! -cx

Tracy said...

LOTS of sweet offerings, Catherine! Love the felt blossom bunnies. Gosh, Easter is not too far away.... Happy Days ((HUGS))

Patty said...

Very sweet. I love your designs.

Anonymous said...


June said...

You do amaze me with your artwork dear Catherine! I love everything you have been working on lately. Such a joy to stop by and see bunnies everywhere :) I LOVE the sweet felt bunnies!!!
sending many hugs...

Monica said...

Dear Catherine,
thanks for commenting about my covers! I wanted to tell you, found those antique spools in the place you suggested me to visit! Remember? Hubby and I liked there and will be back again!

Vicki Boster said...

Catherine- you have so many wonderful new items-- I love them all. The cards are precious-- and the felt bunnies are total love!! Can't wait to see your new embroidery!

Charlotte said...

Love the books in the background Catherine... Brambley Hedge! Country Diary...! (I have those) and the nursery rhymes book looks like a classic!
I saw you mention cotton reels or spools somewhere - did you still want some? I have a few Maileg wooden ribbon spools - I could send you a couple?
Email me your address if you would like them :)


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