Monday 26 August 2013

Escape into Roald Dahl's Garden

Running your own business is like spinning plates and trying to keep them all up in the air!    I'm drawing a commission of mischievous kittens, starting Module 2 of the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design Course, printing & making orders, working on new Story Book Ideas & trying to get Christmas Designs drawn and stitched!  I've also just finished printing & trimming 250 Cards & Art Prints and packed them up for a wonderful new Stockist in America (they will be opening their online doors in around a month so I'll tell you all about them then - think traditional & european toys)!

So whilst I keep spinning those plates would you like to have a cup of tea and visit Roald Dahl's garden with me?  Nestled in the Buckinghamshire landscape, the gardens at Gipsy House, are opened just a few times a year under the National Gardens Scheme.  Just imagine my excitement when I was able to visit on my recent UK trip! 


Such a beautiful white house with bright happy yellow doors and my favourite part of course was his Writer's Hut looking out over a wildflower meadow!  Maybe, just maybe, one day I too will build my own mini house with roses round the door where I can go and write & paint!  I'll let the photos do the rest...  you can click on all the photos to see larger images.

 Can you spot his white Writer's Hut?

Where those magical books were written!

  I guess I can understand closing the curtains, although I don't think I could.
 I would probably sit gazing at the view too much as well!  


The row of Pleached Limes planted in 1985 leading to his Hut

Standing under the same trees!

He planted a Maze with fabulous messages carved in the stone, for his children

I hope you enjoyed this magical trip to Gipsy House.  I love to hear your comments.


goecker said...

Just Beautiful, says "come on in and stay a while"

ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks so very much for sharing your trip to Roald Dahls Garden. The photos are terrific and make me want to see it one day myself - maybe it will happen! I enjoyed seeing your pictures and all the little details that you mention.



Leslie said...

loved the tour. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Unknown said...

Oh to have a home office like Mr Dahl's! Great photos, what a fun visit you had! Congrats on the continued success of your beautiful drawings! Chrissie x

Sharon Cs. said...

So beautiful! and peaceful... Thank you for sharing! It remains me about Beatrix Potter's home.

Hannapat said...

Just found your lovely blog. Such a fan of Mr Dahl abd what an amazing trip. Looking forward to spending some more time here xo

Helen Philipps said...

This is a wonderful post.....I really enjoyed the visit to Roald Dahl's house with you. I have often read about his writing hut in the garden so it was a real treat to see your lovely photos of this magical place.
Helen x

Tracy said...

VERY happy for your that business is booming and blooming, Catherine! LOVED this visit to Dahl's! :o) ((HUGS))

My Little Home and Garden said...

Hello, Catherine

Thank you for your visit. I'm returning the favour and just enjoyed my through via your photographs. It looks like a lovely place and I know I'd enjoy a good snoop in the hut.

I gather that you are also wildly creative. How wonderful.


l.wilks11 said...

Wow!!! What a magical to visit. I just love Roald Dahl and remember reading his books to my son. He now reads them to his little daughter who absolutely adores them......xx