Friday 4 October 2013

Moments like these

Peaceful, just the sound of bird song and bees buzzing.... As a child I would go for walks in the countryside and be lost in the moment with that excitement of discovering wildlife and flowers, still it is moments like these that make me feel most alive, most relaxed and most... myself.  It was a golden early evening and I had been working in my Studio all day on a new Rabbit Ornament Kit (keep reading!) so took myself off for a walk, little did I know who would cross my path!

 Right there in front of me I spotted a little cottontail hopping away, too quick for my camera!

Anybody home?

 I held my breath as I took this picture, there were about 7 of them at first!

Spot the Rabbit competition!

It must have been a sign that it's time to share a project I have been working on for a while now!  A Wool Felt running Rabbit Ornament Pattern - "Dream of Bunnies" is available HERE as a Craft Kit with all you need to make your own.  With the evenings getting cooler I love to have craft projects to do snuggled under a blanket, this has been such fun to make.   Also available HERE as a PDF Pattern.

This first Bunny I made has a pretty yet easy to stitch Snowflake design, sweet for hanging in your Christmas Tree.  However the pattern comes with both a heart and flower design to stitch if you prefer.  This Rabbit would love to hang in your home all year round.

I hope you are going to love making and giving them as Gifts as much as I've enjoyed creating them for you.  With a little help Craft loving children will enjoy making these as much as the adults will I'm sure.

Hoppy Stitching!



Lyn said...

Nice pics Catherine and yep I spotted the bunny!! Love that DIY bunny kit, very cute!!
Take care and have a good weekend.
Hugs Lyn x

l.wilks11 said...

Great photos......xx

Georgianna said...

Catherine, your words are so eloquent and true. One is much nearer one's center when in nature.

I think I already mentioned on FB how much I love this little ornament! It's precious.


Shane Pollard said...

Hello Catherine
I've just found your lovely blog!
It's fun to spot rabbits on the like when out walking - they are always on the alert and ready to scarper down the nearest burrow when someone is near.

A beautiful bunny kit.
Wishing you a happy weekend.

A Little Blue Dragonfly said...

The cutest! :)