Friday 24 January 2014

Painting A Love Song

I have had such fun painting & creating this new range called "Sing Me A Love Song". You can choose your favourite colours (Sunshine, Heather or Cinnamon) & with text or not.
Now available as Art Prints & a Set of Postcards 

I created these as part of the E-Course The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design that I'm studying. I plan on creating designs to match for Notebooks, Gift Tags and Wrapping Paper.  
I'll add them onto my page on The MOYO Directory, fly along there to visit a wonderfully vibrant exciting place full of inspiring designers.  

Some colours are appearing strangely on my Blog lately (my top Banner should have a white background but is shows up as grey and the central Print here is a warmer yellow rather than green!)
Has anyone else had trouble with their Google Blog lately?

Which would be your favourite colour?

Thanks for letting me Sing you a Song :)


Heather said...

These are so beautiful! I love all the colors, the brown has such a nice contrast.

Hannapat said...

These are gorgeous, I especially love the yellow one. Xo