Monday 18 August 2008

Magic still exists...

On our trip to Kent in England we visited Great Dixter, I have always wanted to visit these gardens and beautiful home of Christopher Wright, an amazing inspiring magical plantsman that sadly passed away a few years ago. His head Gardener and right hand man for many years, Fergus Garrett, now continues to inspire and delight anyone that enters the grounds. I took so many photos I'll show you more over the coming days. It truly is the most special place and I hope you get a feel for it with some of these photos..... enjoy x


Tracy said...

Soooo beautiful! These are simply gorgeous photos! I hope so much we get to see G. Dixter next time we're in England...and other places of magic :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hello Catherine! Thank you for visiting the bears' blog - they were tickled pink!
What glorious photos you have here!
I'm glad the weather stayed fine for your visit to the gardens.
Ooh! Dylan is gorgeous! I just know he is going to make some lucky person very happy indeed.

bunzi said...

so lovely. i want to visit. :)

Wendster said...

I can just never get enough garden pictures. If you ever come to the states, to Washington state, specifically, you might enjoy hopping on the ferry from the most North West point of Washington or the most south west point of Canada and taking a ferry across to Brittish Columbia. For me, the ferry makes the trip the best because you can stop off at the San Juan Islands. I LOVE THE SAN JUAN ISLANDS. Friday Harbor is my favorite stop. Then, once in Brittish Columbia, you drive up the road to the Bushart Gardens. They are the most spectacular magical gardens I have ever seen.

Isn't it wonderful to spend a day in a garden?

Too peaceful and inspiring. Like my heart can barely hold all the happiness.

Thanks for sharing. I'll be back to see the rest of the photos.

Bumpkin Hill said...

Thanks everyone, I know just what you mean about gardens Wendster, I was just beaming with happiness there, my fiance even did some videoing there so I can re-live it, the sound of bird song in Dixter just filled my soul to over flowing :) Catherine x

NariceatL4 said...

Hi Catherine,
I wandered over after I saw your comments on my sister's blog. I LOVE your photos! I would so love to visit Kent--it was said that my great,great grandmother was born there (Maidstone).
Beautiful gardens and architecture!

All Bear by Paula said...

What beautiful places! Catherine, I live in Kent and I've just scrolled through some of your posts and thought, 'my goodness, I haven't visited any of these places yet!' I will have to make more effort to get out and about ... thank you for the gorgeous pics!

Unknown said...

Your visiting home? I'm quite jealous. Isn't England just such a beautiful place!

this is my patch said...

Great Dixter is truly a magical place. I was only watching an old gardening programme this afternoon when they visited with some students from Wisley. Since I visited I can only look forward to visiting again, the gardens are so inspiring. I love the purple and pinks together in your last photo. My photos have captured the same light as yours, seems just perfect. x

Draffin Bears said...

I enjoyed your photos Catherine of the very beautiful gardens.
So tranquil and the flowers such pretty colours.

Enjoy your weekend.


Design Nature said...

beautiful! thanks for the comment and your bears are amazing too. cheers!