Tuesday 21 July 2009

Join me on holiday!

Hi everyone, we're back safe and sound, we had THE most fabulous holiday in The Lake District and Scotland, finishing with a few happy days visiting family before driving back to Belgium. We took nearly 2000 photos over 2 weeks, no ... no.... come back, don't worry I'm not going to show you ALL of them ;-) We started off taking the Eurotunnel from France to Kent in the UK, this is quite an experience, driving into a train, sitting in your car for half an hour and then driving out and voila... there you are in England -isn't that just magic! Here you can see the train and a few shots taken out of the car on our road trip up to the North of England and the beautiful Lake District. This is the most beautiful area, with lakes at every turn, charming hand built dry stone walls dividing up the fields up and down the hills, with sheep dotting the hillsides. We stayed in a lovely hotel on the Lake Side in Ambleside, look at that sweet window sweet in our room. I was excited as a little kid on Christmas morning because the next day we were going to visit Hill Top, the farmhouse where Beatrix Potter lived! I'll show photos of this as well as the landscapes over the next few days. So do hop back along my garden path to visit Peter Rabbit's playground!

Hugs, Catherine x


arkie said...

Oh,how lovely for you! I am looking forward to the pics of Hilltop!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

So glad that you enjoyed your holiday. We live about 1 hour's drive from the Lake District and I have been a regular visitor there since my first visit when I was 17! There is nowhere quite like it, rain and all!

Tracy said...

LOVE these photos, Catherine...just glorying in your holiday snaps! Hilltop is breathtaking. Hope we get to see/hear more of your holiday fun. Happy Day, my friend. Be resting well after your trip. :o) ((HUGS))

The Victorian Parlor said...

Welcome back! Just so you know-I wouldn't mind at all if you posted all of the pictures:). I can't wait to see Beatrix Potters' house!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine! very pretty pictures, I love landscape pics the most...I'm so glad you had such a nice time and I can't wait to see more of your trip!! hugs, Jennifer

peterbear said...

Hi Catherine,
It sure looks like you enjoyed your holiday. Eurostar is amazing: the first time I drove my car on the train, it felt really weird (and a bit scary), but before you know it you're in the UK. I look forward to seeing the next photo's (but maybe not all 2000 :-))
Peter, Lewis & Bailey
P.S. I bet your cats are glad you're back !

lapousmor said...

Hi Catherine!
This sounds like very exciting holidays!
I look forward to see your photos!


this is my patch said...

I too felt a bit weird on my first trip in the Eurotunnel. It really is such a quick and easy way to pop over the Channel. We stayed in Ambleside on our visit to The Lakes. It is a lovely town. x