Monday 12 October 2009

New Friends

It's been a busy day with painting our front door, we are on the home stretch finally with all the painting, just the door two more layers and we'll be done - phew! I'll add a photo I took a few weeks back so you can see the colour, a big change from old dark brown varnish!

I have also started on a new commission bear in a gorgeous cream mohair. I love to create bears, I put a part of myself into every character I bring to life and each one holds a place in my heart. It's therefore always lovely to hear from their new families. Hearing how much happiness and comfort of friendship that my bears bring to people is the main reason I keep creating. It may seem funny to some but it makes me feel that I am doing something worthwhile. You may remember this sweet photo of Halo bear in his new home. I got this gorgeous photo from Kathy in America who adopted Jaunty into her family, look at her adorable Bichon's, Anna and Archie. Don't you think one is smiling at the camera and the other is thinking "oh no, not another photo!". I felt very honoured that Jaunty was the Kathy's first teddy bear adoption and he couldn't ask for a better home, snuggling up on the beautiful quilts she makes with his new friends!

Talking of snuggling up with quilts, I have got a sleepy little mouse waiting in the wings to meet you, hopefully tomorrow if he wakes up for a while to say hello! ** WED - UPDATE - Little Mouse is a little shy and is waiting for a bunny to join him before he is brave enough to say hello, so wait a wee bit. ** See you soon, HUGS, Catherine x


Monica said...

Wonderful quilt, and cute doggies! What a lucky bear he is!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Catherine, what a precious picture of such a sweet little bear and precious pups! I am so excited for my special bear... I can hardly wait, and I do know you put your heart into each one... Bisous... Julie Marie PS Do I name her or do you?

Unknown said...

Good night and sleep tight with your bears tonight. Thinking of my new found bear friend, far far away.

Tracy said...

Hi, Catherine! Jaunty looks very happy with new fluffy friends there... too cute!! Oh, I know what you mean about the painting...*sigh*... wer'e about to embark on some interior painting & papering ourselves later in the week. Hubby has the rest of hte week free, and I'll be taking time home projects here we come...not exactly a holiday--LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

peterbear said...

"It may seem funny to some ... "
Oooh it doesn't seem funny to me at all, Catherine. It must give you a wonderful sense of satisfaction, knowing that your bears bring joy and love all over the world. And the next best thing to having of one your bears ... is having a lovely print on the wall :-)


Peter, Bailey & Lewis

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a sweet picture! The dog does look like he's smiling for the camera!



Sarah said...

I love the photo. He really does look like he's smiling! The other dog seems to be saying "Oh not again". We are busy with our living room project. New fireplace, stripping the floor, pareing walls.....It's never ending, isn't it?! Your doors looking lovely already.

Hugs, Sarah x

this is my patch said...

Your door looks great, and the sedum in the forefront is a lovely, and more usual colour too. It goes without saying how sweet your bears are. x