Monday 14 June 2010

Back from the land of Palm Trees!

Hi everyone, thanks for all your visits whilst I was away. We had a fabulous sunny holiday, can't quite believe how much we saw over 12 days! We took 2088 photos!!!! It's too easy to take lots with digital isn't it! Do not fear I'll not share all these photos with you ;) I'm actually wanting to change the photo programme that I use on my Apple Mac, I use Aperture but am not so happy with it. Any of you out there with a Mac, which photo programme do you use? I'd love one that will make loading and re-sizing photos a doddle for loading onto Blogger and Flickr, any ideas welcome :)

Right, back to the holiday. We started off in Seville which is a really beautiful city, with palm trees and tropical flowers abounding.

There were amazing trees with purple flowers which I have never seen, any ideas what these are?

It was very hot when we were there, 41c the first day!! Still, it was a good excuse to eat ice cream to cool off ;) So I'll start off with Seville, more to come of the Alacazar Palace and Cathedral. For now I am off to face the pile of washing that always happens when you get back off holiday, but it was wonderful to have 2 weeks without washing, ironing and cooking! Hugs, Catherine x


Swift Jan said...

That looks like it could be a Jacaranda Tree maybe? We get a lot of them here in Australia during spring. Infact the city I live in has so many that you can see purple everywhere you look during spring time. It's wonderful!!!

Glad you had such a lovely holiday! Beautiful pictures!

Georgianna said...

A quick welcome home, Catherine! Sounds like a fabulous, relaxing, recharging holiday and I can't wait to see more photos. I don't mind looking at 2,000!

On your photo organization, I highly recommend the new Lightroom 3. We just upgraded from LR2 this weekend and they've made tremendous improvements. Including the ability to process and upload your photos to Flickr automatically with a few clicks. So many of the things that frustrated us in LR2 have been handled and it is a terrific tool now.

Have a lovely week with your garden in bloom! xo – g

Tracy said...

Welcome home, Catherine! Seville looks heavenly...*sigh*... A sunny holiday would be great about now. ;o) So glad you had a wonderful time. Look forward to more photos. Happy days as you settle in home again and sift through holiday memories. :o) ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

wow! your trip sounds and looks beautiful! can't wait to see more pics! welcome back! huggs!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Catherine - I can wait to see more of your lovely photos! I did have to laugh though - we also take so many pictures when we travel. I have not YET posted the pictures of our cruise trip that we took in Feb! BUT I swear they are coming up soon - in about a 3 part post! Your photos are simply stunning - cant wait to see more!


Sarah Medina said...

Welcome back!!!! I was going to email you to see how you got on, but thought I'd visit your blog first :) Those purple trees look like Jacaranda's, someone else mentioned that too so I guess we are right ;) We have streets full of them here, they are very pretty and when the flowers fall the footpaths are full of purple petals :) I'm so glad you had a fun time!! big hugs xx Sarah

toni said...

So glad you had a great trip you lucky thing, a holiday seems to be but a distant memory for me :)
Yep those trees certainly look like a Jacaranda, they are everywhere here in OZ, when they are in bloom and w've had rain, the next day you drive along the street and everywhere looks like a carpet of purple, it's pretty awesome!I'll trade places with you for a little while so you can be close to the trees...wad da ya think?LOL.Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments, those trees are jacarandas. Nice blog!