Friday 28 January 2011

Embroidery Choices

I have been so delighted by the response for my very first Bumpkin Embroidery Pattern, Bunny & her Teacups, that I am going to be starting on the creation of some more patterns.

I'd LOVE your help, could you take a look at the following of my Bumpkin Illustrations and imagine them as simpler embroidered images. Please could you give me your top 3 in order, then I'll create patterns with your favourites!

1.Summer Hill - Gardening Bunny - Available as Paper Dress Up Bunny Kit & Postcard

2.Summer Hill - Primrose - Currently available as Paper Dress Up Bunny Kit & Postcard

3. Summer Hill - Dream Balloon (any birthday number could be embroidered into the balloon)-Available as Print, Paper Dress Up Bunny Kit, Invitations, Postcard & Gift Tags

4. Summer Hill - Off We Go (names could be embroidered in flag) - Available as Print, Paper Dress Up Bunny Kit, Invitations, Postcard & Gift Tags

5. Our Story - Available as a Print

6. Our Nest - Available as a Print

7. The Parade - Available as Print, Invitations & Thank You Cards

8. Sweet Dreams - Available as Print, Notecard, Magnet & Badge

9. For the Love of Books - Available as Print, Bookmark, Magnet & Badge

10. Chase Your Dreams - Available as Print & Bookmark

11. Hedgehog Love - Available as Print, Gift Tags & Notecard

12. Friends for Tea - Bunny & her Teapot - Available as Print, Magnets, Badges, Gift Tags & Party Invitations

13. Friends for Tea - Bunny & her Cupcakes - Available as Print, Magnets, Badges, Gift Tags & Party Invitations

14. Friends Forever - Available as a Print

15. Teatime in the Snow - Available as a Print

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this, thanks SO much. Big hugs, Catherine xx


Tracy said...

VERY exciting about your new embroidery range, Catherine! And fun you are considering some of your existing designs for embroidery. Of those you were wondering about, I think Summer Hill, Sweet Dreams & Hedgehog Love had a LOT of potential for working as an embroidery design. You have been so smart in really creating pretty ranges of designs that can also be "translated" into other formats--brilliant! :o) Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Helen said...

Ahh, lovely ... definitely "Our Story for me" Helen x

ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Catherine,

I think you do such lovely work. I enjoy seeing all of your designs and would be delighted to vote on my favorites. Sweet Dreams because I think this would make a wonderful embroidery piece, Our Story and the cupcake one Friends for Tea. I can just see these embroidered! I do love the one you call For the Love of Books - I just thought the other would give you options on the embroidery details. But if I could add a fourth, that would be it because I like it so much. Okay, I suppose I've taken up enough space here. Thanks for letting me throw in my two cents! Good luck with your new projects.


Dolores said...

Numbers 5, 8 and 9 are my favs. Love the bunny in the cups. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

All of them ;-) !!!
If you must know top three, even though is not an easy decision, then I will have to say:
#13 Bunny and her Cupcakes
#12 Bunny and her Teapot
#3 Dream Balloon-(I think is great for any occasion!)
but I also like a lot #6, 7 and8 :-).

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, Catherine, these are all so darling and I couldn't possibly pick a favourite. But here goes, the tea ones all appeal to me but so does the bunny chasing his dreams! #13, #12, and I forget the number of the bunny chasing his dreams. Love your work!!


Anonymous said...

I had to come back after checking the rest of your designs on Etsy... and must add"

Tea Time in the Snow (a boy to match the girls)
Blossom Hop (too cute)
Friends for Ever... (so sweet)

As I previously said... it is hard just to choose 3.

Sarah said...

My faves are:

Sweet Dreams, followed by Friends for Tea, followed by Our Story.

Sounds like I'm commentating on the Grand National!

Looking forward to seeing what you pick and the design etc.

Hugs, Sarah x

Southern Bears said...

Hello Catherine,

Our Story, Sweet Dreams and
Bunny and her Cupcakes. It was a very difficult selection because they are all beautiful. I have gift tags for Sweet Dreams and Bunny and her Cupcakes, but they were gifts for "me" - I can't bear to part with them!

Janet said...

Hi Catherine, I think 3, 8 and 12 would look beautiful as embroidery designs. Love your drawings! :0)

mommaloves7 said...

These are all soooo adorable. I'd love them all, Off we Go, Our love, and Hedgehog Love would be my 1st in line picks!

Megan Chamberlain said...

How can you make it so difficult, so many choices. If I had to pick it would be
12. Bunny and her teapot
8. Sweet Dreams
5. Our story
but then I also like
4. Off we go
3. Dream Balloon
all your drawings are so lovely.

Carrie said...

1. Friends for Tea
2. Our Nest
3. Summer Hill

They are all so sweet, but I'm fond of those :)

Georgianna said...

Catherine, you never cease to amaze me with your creative output! With all you're doing and now you'll start another line – very inspiring! Here are my top three, although I haven't done any embroidery for a long time: #3, #9, #12.

Thanks for asking our opinion! xo – g

jarmaine | standard postcard size said...

Very creative! The hedgehog love and the summer hill - dream balloon are my faves. Too cute for words! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

First off, Our Story and then chase your dreams:)Gill.

Desi said...

Wow, these are all great and I would want every one of them; with that said, I would choose, #5, #9 and #13.
Can't wait to see the embroidery patterns!! ;)

Monica said...

Sweet Dreams/Our Story/Friends for Tea. Can't wait to see what you create!
Big, big hugs, come and meet Daisy... pleeeaaase!;)
Monica xoxo
P.S Busy crazy time over here!:(

peterbear said...

Hi Catherine,
I don't know anything about embroidey (being much too clumsy) :-)
But I do want to give you my top 3 favourite images : 1. OUR STORY - 2. HEDGEHOG LOVE - 3. FRIENDS FOREVER;
Maybe I will have to try my hand at embroidery one of the days.
Peter, Lewis, Bailey, Winston, Crosby & the gang

feltonthefly said...

I love your designs. Here are my three picks:

1. Summer Hill - Off We Go
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Chase Your Dreams

But whichever design you do, I'm sure it will be wonderful and I look forward to stitching! : )

Tatkis said...

Oh, I'd love to see as a patterns those ones:
Summer Hill - Dream Balloon
Our Nest
Sweet Dreams

Good luck!
Best wishes,

Cas said...

Hi Catherine, They are all so cute, I love My Story and Summer Hill-Sweet Dreams.
Have you thought about making some into cross-stitch designs, the ones with lots of colour and details would make lovely cross-stitches. Hugs

Ulla V. said...

Not an easy task but I would choose number 7, 13 and 14. :))

victorian parlor II said...


What a great idea to make your art into embroidery designs! I'm not sure I can pick just three but here it goes! I like Our Nest, Chase your dreams, and Bunny in the teapot:).



Nancy said...

I love Bunny in her teacups. My favorites for you to turn into embroidery designs are

8. Sweet Dreams
12. Bunny and her teapot
10. chase Your Dreams

Anonymous said...

12, 8 and then 11 are my favourites. Lovely designs all.

AJSnow said...

these are so sweet! I love the friends for tea one.

*❀* said...

Ooh i can't wait :o)

i love ❤ all your designs and think any of them would translate well.

warmest wishes xxx


Jenna said...

Hi Catherine! I would pick #3 #10 and #12 But I love them all! I hope your having a nice day! hugs, Jennifer

Andi's English Attic said...

5, 6 and 14. Sooooo cute.
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad to have met you. xx

toni said...

Holey dooley Catherine I will be the 31st commentor! Pick just 3? Sorry, no can do, it's impossible for me, I love them all! xox

...Nina Nixon... said...

So hard to choose, but such good news the embroidery is going well - I haven't done any in ages.

I love the bear and mushroom, bunnies in a nest 'oh' and the sleeping little one under a patchwork of quilts - all of them are good.

take care and I hope your not left in too much of a quandry.

Nina xxxx

Seth said...

I love the bunnies. You do great work. I cant wait for Easter.

June said...

Oh Catherine, your artwork is amazing!!! This embroidery is truly the cutest thing. I adore your blog.

Thank you for the sweet words you left on mine. I am honored you visited me.

Kat Ibáñez said...

Hi Catherine!

I´ve just discovered your lovely illustrations and sweet characters :)
I think all of them are so lovely, but number 13 is just too cute...


t shirt printing said...

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Simone de Klerk said...

My favorites: 5, 8 and 13. I wouldn't be able to choose between 5 and 8 if I had to choose only one!
Gorgeous (o:

Laura Bass said...

1. For the Love of Books
2. Our Story
3. Friends Forever

Although I'd love to see them all as embroidery patterns, eventually! They're all so wonderful.

Kristyne said...

I'm sitting here doing my usual Sunday Nite blog surfing and found this cute little bunny/cup embroidery pattern. I just had to find you to say that it made me smile. It reminds me of the bunnykin bowl I had as a child. Thank you.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

If it's not too late for consideration in your next offering:

I love # 3, #5 and #13 (to go along withthe whole "tea" collection!)

Let us know!

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