Thursday 18 October 2007

"It's ok to be different" a bear with a story..

All the other bear cubs laughed when they saw Wurzle, they all had pure brown sleak coats and here was this little bundle with a whole mix of beary colours. Of course poor little Wurzle didn't know why they were all laughing at him until he saw his reflection in the river. He felt so sad because he looked different, but his Mum picked him up and gave him the biggest bear hug ever. "You were born this way because you are my extra special boy".

Wurzle soon realised that looking this way had it's benefits, his coat worked great as camouflage amongst the Autumn leaves playing hide and seek! As he grew up he also realised that the girl cubs seemed to show him a lot of attention despite the boys teasing him, "those boys are just jealous because they all look the same, you hold your head up high" said his Mum "It's ok to be different my sweet" she said quietly as Wurzle fell asleep in her arms.

Often when I create my Bears I think of stories and this little guy just had to tell you his! He is one of a kind and 16" and made of a gorgeous mix of blonde, brown and toffee swirl mohairs!. He is available for adoption from my website - take a look

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