Friday 28 March 2008

The simple things in life..

Time seems to have flown this week, can't believe it's Friday already. I've been working on a new smaller bear design and cut the pattern out today in a gorgeous combo of faux furs. I love the soft feel of furs, but oh boy you sure do run the risk of disappearing behind a mountain of fluff when cutting it out!!
I think the colour combo will be rather sweet, think strawberries and chocolate!

Over Easter we went to Ikea, we needed a new office chair and I got some really pretty pink fabric covered storage boxes to help tidy my work space! Our cats thought that the box that had held the chair was just brilliant, I cut out some other holes underneath it to make it even more fun! Isn't it funny how you could spend a fortune on toys but it's the simple cardboard boxes that are just the best!

I have been busy packaging bears this week to send to their new homes, I always get attached to my bears but I feel so much better when I hear how loved they are by their new family. I'll be back soon hopefully with photos of a new bear. Have a great weekend, Catherine x


Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hello from Canada! Great pictures. Kids and cats do seem to love big empty boxes the best! All the kitty beds we have tried and my one cat just wants a box.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I will come back to your blog again soon. ~ Karen

Sarah said...

You are so right about the faux fur! It ends up everywhere, mohair can be bad enough! My cats are just the same with boxes, Alfie loves screwed up paper and appears from nowhere!

Hugs, Sarah x

Jannett said...

Great photos... the kitty is so the box.... :)

vivian said...

hi! been meaning to get to your blog. I love your bears! was surprised that your little bear on the chick didnt win at the easter parade!!
Im hosting a miniature doll and bear swap. I would love for you to join! If your interested check out my blog for details! You should visit my blog anyways!
hope to see you there!

Tracy said...

Your kitty is so sweet, Catherine! Such fun photos. Our Charlie loves boxes and anything to hide in! Hope you had a grreat weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Pauline said...

Love the pictures of your cat in the box, it reminds of my ginger (died now)he was just the same for boxes, it was the highlight of his life to get a new box, we used to put little holes in too and poke things through for him to catch.... he loved this game. Must get a new cat soon I think.

Warm wishes