Tuesday 1 April 2008

Cherry Blossom

I have just taken photos of my latest bear and sent out all the details to my mailing list first. Her name is Cherry Blossom and she is a wee little Bumpkin Bear at only 13". She is a peaceful bear and was brought to life to celebrate the beauty of the Cherry Blossom festivals and with them the coming of Spring. She is created with luxurious rich brown and pale pink tipped faux furs. She has adorable pink facial features and chubby cheeks with little pink button nose and a Bumpkin soulful expression. Her colours make me think of the delicate tones of the cherry blossoms against their branches. Cherry Blossom just adores the company of her family around her and would be the sweetest companion for a lifetime of love. She is available for adoption from my website, where you can see lots more photos - www.bumpkinbears.com -.

I have found all sorts of details about the significance of the Cherry Blossom in China and Japan, I'll write a bit about it over the next few days here. Beary Hugs, Catherine x


Anonymous said...

I love her name. What a nice bear.


Ginie-Lee said...

Cherry Blossom is a real cutie!! I love cherry blossom myself especially when the wind blows and the petals come showering down like pink snow!!
Hugs Ginie-Lee xx

Jannett said...

She is adorable.

Ally Jay said...

She is just so sweet and adorable. The cutest thing ever. Those BBC guys are fiendishly clever it would seem. It's not a big thing in NZ and we kinda miss it.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Oh my gosh what a precious bear!
I love her name too!
I am glad to have found your blog! I collect vintage bears that need extra love and a good home!

Hugz, Dolly