Friday 25 April 2008

Here's Bramwell

wow, another week has flown by! We've had some beautiful sunny days here and then some rain, so perfect for my plants and veg patch. I planted some radishes 2 days ago and already they are popping their heads out of the ground! I've been very busy this last week with new commision orders and bringing this new chap to life, his name is Bramwell -

He is a cheeky bear with an unusual beary love of pies, he especially loves apple pie and just can't wait to help pick the apples in the garden in the Summertime. He's a real english ted with his old English name, lovely heritage wavey mohair and vintage lace neck trim. I designed this to be removable so you can wash it if he gets any cherry pie on it!! He is a one of a kind 17" Bumpkin Bear and available for adoption from my website. - (UPDATE - Bramwell is ADOPTED.)

Click here to visit him and all his photos on my website, just click on his photo in the bear gallery.

I've been taking photos of my garden so will be back soon to share some pics. Have a great weekend, Catherine x


Unknown said...

His nose is the most perfect bear nose I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

I like Bramwell's name. He looks so cute. Your garden sounds wonderful. Looking forward to the photos of it.


Lux said...

What cuties you have in your bear gallery! They're adorable!

Tracy said...

Oh, his is soooo cute! And I could just kiss that nose of his! Sweet with the lacy ruff round his neck. And such fun to view the bear gallery--your work and expression are excellent! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

Wendster said...

Do you know that I believe Bramwell may have been into some boysenberry pie as well? Just look at his nose. Oh sure, he's done a good job of washing up ... but do I just see a trace of berry juice above his nose?
He IS a pie loving guy.

Looking forward to seeing the pics of your garden.

And if you happen to bring your camera into town, I would love to see more of where you live!

YayaOrchid said...

Hi! You have a lovely blog! I'm visiting by way of Tracy's blog PInk Purl.

this is my patch said...

It's a really good idea to have stories and personalities to go along with your bears. Bramwell is a fine looking chap, and looks like he enjoys an extra slice of apple pie! x