Saturday 3 May 2008

All sorts of everything..

I've been so busy this week. Thanks for all your nice comments about Bramwell, he will be going to meet his new mum in France very soon. I've also just finished a commission of two miniature ponies and their teds for a lovely lady that has her own gorgeous black and white horses which I used as inspiration for these minis! Very tricky creating the pattern for the ponies with all the different black and white pieces but I am happy to say that my customer is really pleased with them so that makes it all worth while :)

It was a public holiday on Thursday and Friday which has been filled with seeing friends, yesterday we went to an international tournament for Ultimate Frisbee in Brugge, there were teams from as far as America and Ireland. I never even knew that these kind of tournaments existed, it was great fun to see and a fantastic atmosphere. There were in total more than 50 teams playing and such good sportsmanship that there is no referee! A friend of ours plays for the Belgian national team.

As promised here are also a few photos from my garden. I've taken lots lately so I'll add more during the week. I was also very sweetly nominated for two blog awards from Tracy of Pink Purl, The Arte Y Pico Award, given for creativity, design, interesting material and good contribution to the blogging community. As if this wasn't enough she also gave me the You Make My Day Award! THANKS so much Tracy, this is a real honour and the first Blog awards I've had :)

Next week will be filled with starting a very special panda for a charity auction, more news on this very soon, as well as starting on some new commissions. So watch this space!

Thanks for stopping by, Hugs, Catherine x


Tracy said...

Holidays...we love them, eh! These glimpses of your garden are so lovely. We've tidying up in the garden this weekend wonderful with flowers in bloom again on one's doorstep! The ponies are wonderful! That must have been some doing, very different...and with bears to ride them--so sweet! You are clever :o) Thanks for you lovely comment today. And for you extra mail. Talk to you soon. Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your well deserved awards ;-)

Ginie-Lee said...

Love the pics of your garden, mine's a very slow work in progress at the mo, my husband had an accident yesterday and injured his shoulder so now it's even slower.... love the mini ponies ,and congratulations on your awards!!
Hugs Ginie-Lee x

Wendster said...

Oh my gosh! Those photos of your garden are very nicely done! Excellent composition and such a lovely garden.

Also, I really love those ponies! I bet you could sell those in Beverly Hills. They have that trendy look and that high fashion style look ... in my humble commoner opinion. LOL.

Glad you had such a nice weekend!

And now, here's a paper plate.

It's for the bbq at my house. We are having faux (donut) chicken and then we are going to Wade's for chocolate cake. Cuz we don't care too much about our diets tonight. LOL!

Come on over if you get a minute.

You are invited!


Bumpkin Hill said...

thanks everyone, I hope your husband's shoulder gets better soon Ginie-Lee. Wendster, he he, my ponies in Beverly Hills - what a thought :) Hugs, Catherine x