Tuesday 6 May 2008

more flowers

I'm all excited that a mohair order has arrived, with gorgeous pretty spring colours, inspired by my garden. I have to tell my hands to stay away from it until I have worked on some commissions :) I have started on my new charity panda today and have been able to sew outside with the Spring sunshine. I also did some overdue gardening this morning and before I knew it I was digging out plants and transplanting other ones! I'm trying to germinate some seeds of pretty pink poppies at the moment. I love growing from seeds and cuttings, I get such a buzz when I see them growing.

Right, back to sewing, but as promised here are some more photos from my garden. I also had a special visitor to my garden yesterday evening, photos to follow soon :) Hugs, Catherine x
**(I had an email from a lovely lady from Helsinki, Finland asking to join my mailing list last week but my emails to her can not get through, if you are reading this could you send me an email again, maybe with another email address?)**


Tracy said...

Lots of spring loveliness here! Pink poppies...will be eager to see those later in the season! Sewing in the sunshine...I was telling DH yesterday evening as we sat outdoors, enjoying the last evening sunrays, that I wish I had an outdoor studio! Happy Days soaking up the sun and sewing, my friend ((HUGS))

Bumpkin Hill said...

Hi Tracy, thanks for stopping by :) I would love an outdoor studio too, mine is my garden bench right now :) Catherine x

Anonymous said...

gorgeous shots.

West Bremerton flowers

Ginie-Lee said...

Lovely pictures of your garden, I was sewing in my garden yesterday ,isn't it wonderful to be able to work outside!
Hugs Ginie-Lee x

Erica-Jane said...

Your bears are ADORABLE!!
And isn't spring great? Loving the flowers :0)
Thanks for visiting me at my attic, I love it when I "internet" meet new people!

See you soon!