Thursday 15 May 2008

Here's Fuzzy Wuzzy!

Look who appeared out of this wild mohair, it doesn't take much imagination why I called him Fuzzy-Wuzzy!! He is the kind of bear that would much prefer to be out climbing trees and hunting for honey and berries rather than having his photo taken! Everytime I took a photo he kept asking "pleeeease can I go outside to play with my friends"! It didn't take very long for me to fall for his pleading eyes and oh so sweetly polite question!

You see he has made friends with the wild bunnies in my garden and he spends hours hopping along with them. He whispered to me (so that the other bears did not tease him) that he would rather like to be a bunny, but he soon changed his mind when I said bunnies liked carrots and not honey!! He is a really fun bear that will bring a lifetime of delight to your home and heart. You can see lots more photos of him and all his adoption information on my website - Click here to take a look. (UPDATE - FUZZY WUZZY HAS BEEN ADOPTED TO A LOVELY LADY IN THE STATES.)

We had thunder storms and rain last night, I can almost hear the plants in my garden sighing with relief after the heat wave we've been having! I took some photos of the bunny family yesterday, I'll post them soon. In the meantime back to working on a little panda. Hugs, Catherine x


Unknown said...

He is WONDERFUL - really really lovely and certainly very fuzzy!

Wendster said...

OH! Thank you thank you thank you for posting more photos from your garden. I enjoyed those. And I'm glad you shared the bunny photos too.
Now ... to go and take a long look at Fuzzy Wuzzy ... cuz I got so excited about the garden photos and posting about htem that I forgot to look at Fuzzy you know ... really looking at him and letting him look at me, if you read my meaning. You've got to look into their eyes to "get" their cool personalities.
be right back.

Bumpkin Hill said...

Thanks Rachael :) Hi Wendster, I'm so glad you enjoyed my garden and bunny photos (I've taken lots more lately so will post soon). I know what you mean about looking into the bear's eyes, I do that too :) Fuzzy Wuzzy was adopted straight away so he's feeling very loved. Hugs, Catherine x

Wendster said...

Oh my gosh! He totally reminds me of someone I have seen before! Like someone famous and very kick back on TV. Perhaps someone from the anime cartoons ... so very cool.
And sweet.
Hope the thunder storms didn't cause him to scurry out after the rabbits to offer them cover in the house. He looks like a caring bear like that.
Always a pleasure to stop by and see your bears. And didn't you say you had been sketching more grizzlies? I'd love to see photos of that!

Tracy said...

He is a adorable, Catherine! I love this rumpled, wild look! His fur is wonderful, and well--fuzzy! So glad he has a new home to go to :o) Happy weeekend, my friend ((HUGS))