Saturday, 17 May 2008

Can you name this little guy?

Well, here he is the little baby bundle of panda joy that I've been bringing to life. He is created to be auctioned at Tai's Bearday Panda Enrichment Fund Gala, July 9th 2008, Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington (available for attendees only).

A while back I was approaced by Elise from the Panda's Unlimited Group on Flickr if I could create a panda to help with their fund raising. Last year they raised more than $12,000 for the Giant Pandas. The National Zoo does amazing work, their scientists’ contribute hugely to saving giant pandas. Their scientists have been working diligently in China since 1996. With the help of funds they assist Chinese colleagues in improving the health and reproductive success of giant pandas in Chinese breeding centers and, of critical importance, working in the field to help save the species in the wild. They visit China 3 to 5 times a year and work alongside the Woolong Panda Centre in China. This centre was right in the heart of the recent earthquake in China, despite the centre being damaged so far all the pandas and staff are safe. Sadly of course there are many in China that have lost their lives and loved ones, my heart goes out to them all. I will bring more news of the pandas at Wolong over the coming days, including some incredible stories of bravery of the staff at the centre to rescue the baby pandas. To learn more about the National Zoo's efforts and to see the panda cam, click here

? is a wee little panda bear cub taking his first steps into the big wide world. He would love his very own name and I am holding a competition here on my blog and at the Pandas Unlimited Group on from now until Tuesday evening(6pm Belgium time). Then together with this little fluff ball we'll decide which name he likes the most. I will then have his naming ceremony here and say who named him.

He is a little unsure and sometimes not too steady on his paws , but it's funny to go rolly polly anyway. He is finding out that it is really rather fun being a panda and he loves to play hide and seek behind the bamboo! He is a cheeky little guy with a heart of gold that loves to be hugged as much as he loves to play.

You can see more photos of him on my website click here

So, what do you reckon? Will you be the one that names him? I can't wait to see all your ideas. Panda Hugs, Catherine xx


Chrissi said...

Adorable Panda Catherine! Ok, I did a little google search before thinking of a name :) FONZ (Friends of the National Zoo) looks to be a really big part of the Zoo's efforts. Fonzie is a well known cool dude who wears a white T-shirt and black leather jacket (panda-ish), so my name suggestion is Fonzie!
No matter his name I'm sure he will do very well at auction, he's adorable!!

Susie said...

Well I think he is adorable and sure to do his bit in raisng funds, I have no clever names for him but he looks like and Arnold to me!
Good luck!


Elise said...

Catherine, you outdid yourself on this little guy. Thank you so much. Our auction will be an even bigger success because of you!
You are the best!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I hope you raise lots of money! The name I came up with was 'PO' for this stunning little guy. It was his face which made me think of this name, so cute!
Good Luck!


this is my patch said...

I would name this bear Sichuan Sam. x

Kez71 said...

he is soo cute..he should do very well at the auction.The name that popped in my head when I saw him is Bunny Boo Boo

bitsieknits said...

I have a Chinese name for him.

What about "Baobei"? It's pronounced (bow bay). It means precious in Chinese.

Fitting for such an adorable panda.

bitsieknits said...

I have a Chinese name for him.

What about "Baobei"? It's pronounced (bow bay). It means precious in Chinese.

Fitting for such an adorable panda.

bitsieknits said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Hi Catherine,
Nothing at the moment will take your mind away from all that has happened in China.I think his name could be Quiver.
Thank you for your great work.
Love kayx.

Rachael Rabbit said...

Piao - it means Bamboo in Chamorro - he is simply adorable Catherine - I bet he raises tons of money for the Zoo.

Leslie said...

Hi Catherine, What a precious, darling bear you have created for this worthwhile auction.
My choice for this little sweetheart is 'Forever Always'. In keeping with the preservation of the Panda Bear.
Hugs Leslie

Tracy said...

What a sweet panda, Catherine! And for such a tremendous good cause! What about Penley for a name? (I was looking at an online baby name site with my sister who is expecting, and thought this a great name!)...Chrissi's suggestion of Fonzie has a lot power to it though! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Bethany Hissong said...

My daughter's favorite panda at the San Diego zoo is named "Su Lin" which means "A little bit of something very cute"! I think it's name should be Chinese like a real panda! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! I always like new friends and your bears are absolutely adorable!!!

tami said...

Catherine! I love him! He's beautiful! I thought about LingLing :)

Take care ---

tami said...

Oh oh oh.....I just thought-- maybe he looks like a "Winston" too--