Thursday 12 June 2008

Captain's new home

Captain found a special new home straight away yesterday. His new mum is a kindered spirit in America with a love of the sea and she has promised she will take him on a trip to the sea, something he has only dreamed of, her bears are planning a beach party for his arrival :) I do love it when I know my bears will be having wonderful new lives. I've been busy today starting to bring to life a few bears, including a cutie with bent legs which should be sweet for sitting on a shelf or pile of books.... watch this space . HUGS, Catherine x


All Bear by Paula said...

I'm not surprised Captain found a new home straightaway, what a handsome chap!

Erica-Jane said...

I'm so pleased Captain has found a loving home, and all the way to America! What an exciting new life!
I'm just swooning and sighing over your France photos...glad you had a wonderful time :0)

Take care,


this is my patch said...

What a long voyage Captain is set to go on soon. I do hope he keeps in touch with his tales of the high seas! x

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to know that Captain has started his journey to come and live with us. We live an hour south of Seattle and about an hour's drive to the Pacific Ocean. The beginning of July, the Tall Ships Festival will be celebrated here and I am sure that he will have a wonderful time seeing the sailing ships that have come from around the world. Warm wishes, Marjorie

Wendster said...

I bet he'll be sailing those tall ships. It would be so fun if Marjie would take some photos of him and the ships and share them.