Thursday 19 June 2008

wild horses...

I had always dreamed of seeing the wild white horses of the Camargue in France and got to see them on our recent trip to France. I was able to get right up close to a whole family of these horses including the cutest foal ever. The foals are born brown and as they age they turn grey.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy :)
I've nearly finished bringing to life a cute little bear made of the softest faux fur in a sweet creamy colour, I'll show you some photos when he's finished.

Hugs, Catherine x


this is my patch said...

What beautiful horses these are, and a real privilege for you to be standing so close to them. I am glad that one of your dreams has come true. x

Dyan said...

The horses are so beautiful and the pictures look like they're from a picture book. Thanks for sharing, it must have been a wonderful experience.

Wendster said...

How interesting that they begin their lives brown and turn white.

Wait ... that sounds like us.

BumbleVee said...

Ohhhhh....these are absolutely beautiful !! How wonderful to be able to see them...and not only that...but to get that close to them!