Friday 20 June 2008


Well after many hours here is the latest little bear to come to life from my studio -

Cupcake is a precious little soul whose character is as soft as his fur. Being a little shy he doesn't talk that loudly so if you think you hear a little whisper it is probably Cupcake trying to say hello and most likely "I love you", he likes to tell me and the bears this each and every day along with a hug!

He is available for adoption from my website where you can see lots more photos and all his adoption info. If you would like to give him a new home just send me an email. - UPDATE - CUPCAKE HAS BEEN ADOPTED.

His little white insets on his face where inspired by my cat Ollie :)

Have a great weekend, (I'll be going to an animal park on Sunday so should have some photos to share next week).
Beary Hugs, Catherine and Cupcake xx


Tracy said...

Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cupcake! What a sweetie-pie...perfect name, and he does resemble your purrfect friend, Ollie! ;O) Loved the wild horses on your previous posts...what magnificent, mystical creatures...Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Ginie-Lee said...

Cutie Cupcake good enough to eat! Have a great time at the animal park. Happy weekend!
Hugs Ginie-Lee xx

Anonymous said...

I think Cupcake looks like just about the cutest little bear ever. And YES, he does resemble your gorgeous Ollie. His size is perfect to he sitting on top of books. Don't Teddy Bears and books just seem to go together? Warm wishes to you and I look forward to seeing photos of the animal park. I feel certain you will come home with more inspirations to build more bears. Hugs, Marjie

driftwood said...

what a sweetie cupcake is, I bet he we will be well loved

Simone said...

Cupcake is a cutie as is Ollie the cat! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments too.

Sarah said...

Both adorable! Bless their hearts! One of my favourite places, animal and farm parks! Look forward to the photos.

Hugs, Sarah x

Unknown said...

I can't think of a more perfect name!

Anonymous said...

Cupcake is so very, very sweet. I wish I could have taken him home with me.
Have a great week,

this is my patch said...

Cupcake is lovely so not at all surprised he has been adopted, and so is Ollie, what a very handsome cat. x

Wendster said...

What a cutie! I have just gotten all caught up with your blog. I have commented on every post. I so enjoyed catching up.
Our internet was down for a while, and then I was very busy with preparations for a youth seminar I was in charge of. But now I am making the rounds again, getting caught up.
Good to be back! I've missed seeing your creations and I love your France photos. A new place to dream about going. I thought your animal photos were very good too!

Wait ... maybe I should say all this on THAT post? lol.