Monday 7 December 2009

Special times and reaching goals

Hi everyone, I'm safely back from my trip to England, full of early Christmas festivities with family and friends, such a lovely time. It was also my sweet niece's 2nd Birthday, I knitted her a little winter doll which she carried around, so I think it was a success! I have not knitted since I was little so it was fun and very relaxing to pick up the needles again. I found this wonderful free knitting pattern from Jean Greenhowe here.

I had a fun time strolling in the rain round the Town where my family lives. I used to walk past these buildings all the time and never really take much notice. But this time I really appreciated them and I'm sure you will like their higglety pigglety nature too!

We went out and got our Christmas Tree yesterday and it's here twinkling prettily by the side of me, oh how I love this time of year. I'll be sure to take some photos to share.

When I left a week ago I had not quite reached 100 Sales in my Etsy store. I was excited about the prospect of reaching this goal having started my illustrations around Christmas time last year. Whilst away the Bears & Friends whizzed past 100 Sales much to my delight. So I've been busy today getting all the orders together and off to the Post Office. THANK YOU to you all for your support, kindness and encouragement over the last year, I really do appreciate everyone of you x

Don't forget if you want any of your goodies to arrive in time for Santa's sack please order before December 11th.
This week I'm busy working on a special commission Bear in a fabulous mohair. Hugs, Catherine x


Tracy said...

Welcome home, Catherine--so good to have you back! :o) And so glad to hear, and see, of you pre-Christmas fun with your family back home in England. LOVELY architecture where you are from! That little knit dollie is wonderful..what a splendid job you did with that. Not surprising your sweet 2-year old niece fell in love with it. And HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your over 100 sales at Etsy--so very thrilled for you! Well done, my friend. Reaching one's goals is always a terrific milestone. Celebrating with you! :o) Have a great week, my friend--talk to you soon! ((BIG HUGS))

Unknown said...

Are you really from St. Albans? I spent most of my mis-spent youth in St. Albans!! My the world is so small! x

Marie Rayner said...

Glad you had a wonderful time away Catherine and congrats on the sales!! Love the little dolly too. Sweet!

Charlotte said...

Dear Catherine... Welcome home! But I have been so snowed under here that I haven't read a blog for a couple of weeks and although I kind of knew you were over here, I wasn't sure of the dates and so on.

I am glad you had a lovely time. The doll is so pretty, you are one talented lady!

And congratulations on passing the 100 mark!

I am so sorry I have been so rubbish about getting an order together, just hopeless. But I am absolutely definitely going to do it in January now so please don't give up on me.

I have a plan to try and get my online mailing list working in the next week or so (I have over 5000 names I have never used from six years of enquiries, orders and so on) and I thought the nice thing about getting your things in after Christmas is that it will give me something to write about in newsletter no. 2.

So maybe it's all worked out for the best...

Anyway, sorry again not to be on here and reading.

It's really nice to have settled down this evening to catch up :-)

Love Charlotte

Monica said...

I missed your sweet posts! All you make is so special. Love the pink dollie, what a thoughtful gift for your baby niece!
What a splendid architecture too!
Monica xx

Swift Jan said...

So glad to hear you had such a lovely time in England.
And congratulations on reaching 100 sales :D

Tania said...

I do love the higgledy piggledy - you're absolutely right! And your bears up above are truly sweet too!