Wednesday 24 June 2009

Childhood Memories

I was commissioned to make this bear for a very special girl, it's been such fun to create a bear to the wishes of a child. All her toys have to be happy so Mr Bear got a nice smiling face. I love to think that my bear will be loved and played with and have tea parties and adventures, just as my bears did when I was a child. I made him his outfit and found these cute flower buttons. He will have his own naming ceremony so for now he is Mr Bear :) I remember even having a christening for a little china doll when I was little, my Granny made a beautiful chocolate cake with white icing letters spelling out her name - Elizabeth Ann! Happy memories, just as I wish this bear to bring to this little girl's world.

Busy busy washing and packing ready for our trip. Will pop by again before we leave. Hugs, Catherine and Mr Bear! x


Tracy said...

Oh, sooo cute, Catherine! This is a very special bear... He just aches to be loved and cuddles! He will make his new little mamma very happy! You did a beautiful job... those red pants are adorable. Hope all's going well with planning and getting read for your trip. And the Twitter icon looks great! ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How precious! Enjoy your trip!

Unknown said...

Mr Bear looks very sweet! Surely, he will be treasured for many years!
Thank you for sharing that very precious memory of the Christening for your porcelain doll and the cake your Grandmother made for the dolly. That is so sweet! What a treasured memory. I'm so glad you shared that it just warms my heart. ((Hugs)) to you!

Southern Bears said...

Hi Catherine, Mr. Bear is just too sweet and will surely become his new mama's favourite. Enjoy your trip, safe journey.

Pat xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine! have a wonderful trip .......That bear is definitly going to make that sweet little girl very happy, he is adorable!! hugs, Jennifer

Wendster said...

I love the story about the cake for your doll's Christening.

This is another FABULOUS bear ... but it's the stories you give them that tweak their amazingness to unbearable cuteness.

Enjoy Scotland.

Special request: Photograph some food, if you get this note before you go, OK?

I love to see what people eat in other countries. Especially little silly things like just their ordinary loaves of bread ... their twinkies ... their "usual" things.

You know ... if the mood strikes you.

Hugs for the road!

Wendster said...

*sneak* *sneak* *sneak*



heh heh heh

The Victorian Parlor said...

He is absolutely adorable!!!

Reading In Public said...

Hi Catherine, he's in New York with Grandma, who's loving the stuffing out of him. He flies back to the west coast in December, just in time for Christmas. Hannah realised yesterday that Christmas is (cough, cough) right around the corner. Where does the time go??