Friday 10 September 2010

The winner is... and Halloween Adventures

Thanks to so many of you for entering my Summer Hill giveaway, I wrote and cut up all the names onto paper and the winner is Tabiboo (Nina). Congratulations Nina, the Bumpkin Bunnies will be hopping their way to you! For those that were not lucky to win this time you can still visit the Bunnies here.

In honour of Halloween and pumpkin hunting time approaching I've created these party invitations of the Bumpkin friends off on an adventure in their fancy dress costumes. You can buy sets of these invitations with free gift tags for treat bags here in my Etsy Store

For sending your greetings I've also got these Fall & Halloween Notecards.

My commission Bear is coming along and I'm busy sketching new illustrations for Christmas that is waving his snowy hands at me from the horizon! I've also been taking care of my kitty, Ollie, this week, after a visit to the vets and being told he has arthritis, the cortisone injection he was given had some pretty nasty side effects for him :( Today he seems to be a wee bit better, so I do hope he will be ok. Take care and have a great weekend, we're off Blackberry picking tomorrow! Hugs, Catherine xx


Charlotte said...

Well done Nina!

Can't believe I didn't get around to entering... honestly, I am hopeless.

Anyway, I am love the Hallowe'en folks! I've always been quite a big fan of Hallowe'en myself... my mum never bought pumpkins so I used to hollow out giant potatoes - worked quite well and they smelled of gorgeous baked potato when they had candles in them!!

I am thinking I must 'turn on' the Christmas category on the website soon... scary thought. (Scarier than Hallowe'en!!)

So, Ollie has arthritis? Oh I do hope he is going to be okay with it - fingers crossed they can get a nice balance of meds so he is comfy and happy and there aren't too many side effects. Give him a stroke from me... x


...Nina Nixon... said...

Big squeeeeeeal - thank you soooooo much - can't wait to meet the bunnies.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina xxx

Julie said...

Congrats to Nina!

I just love your new halloween cards. ♥

victorian parlor II said...

The Halloween cards are adorable:)!



Georgianna said...

Oh my, Catherine, these Halloween and autumn cards and tags are ADORABLE. Totally precious – you've been so busy! I very much hope your wee boy is feeling much better today.

xo – g

Marie Rayner said...

Congrats to your lucky winner Catherine!! I just love everything you create! xxoo

Pom Pom said...

Yahoo for Nina! I like her!

Tracy said...

Congrats to Nina on the fun win... and thanks for the fun, Catherine! LOVE the new Halloween cards... too CUTE! So sorry about your kitty Ollie... do hope he will be doing much better soon! ((HUGS))